I've Lost My University Diploma! What Next Steps Can I Take?

Oh no! Have you lost your University diploma? There is no need to fret! Follow these next steps to retrieve your lost University Diploma.


Losing a university diploma can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Your diploma represents years of hard work, dedication, and financial investment. Realizing it's been misplaced can be frustrating and troubling.

After all, only a little more than half of college students graduate from their programs. So your diploma is a major achievement to be proud of and to show if you so desire. 

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to recover your lost diploma or obtain a replacement. What do you need to know about handling a lost university diploma? Read on and we'll walk you through what you need to know.

Search for the Diploma

Before taking any other steps, it's important to make sure you've thoroughly searched for your diploma.

Start by checking all the places you may have stored it, such as a filing cabinet, safe, or storage box. If you've recently moved, make sure to check all your belongings and any boxes that may have been left unopened.

If you still can't find it, reach out to anyone who may have borrowed it or been involved in its storage or transportation.

Contact the University

If you're unable to locate your diploma after a thorough search, your next step should be to contact the university that awarded it to you.

Reach out to the registrar's office or the office of alumni relations and explain your situation.

They may be able to tell you if they have a record of sending your diploma, or if they have any other suggestions for how to proceed. Many universities have plans in place for this kind of request - they're more common than you'd think!

For example, Fordham University has a page on its website that outlines its policies on this. Many universities do. 

Request a Replacement Diploma

If you're unable to locate your diploma and the university is unable to help you find it, your next step should be to request a replacement diploma.

The process for obtaining a replacement diploma varies by university but typically involves submitting a written request and paying a fee. Some universities may also require you to provide proof of identity or to have your request notarized.

When requesting a replacement diploma, make sure to provide as much information as possible, including your full name, date of birth, student ID number, and the degree and major you earned.

If you have any documentation related to your diploma, such as a copy of your transcript or a diploma verification letter, include that as well.

The process for obtaining a replacement diploma can take several weeks or even months, depending on the university's policies and procedures.

Make sure to plan ahead if you need your diploma by a specific date.

Consider Getting a Transcript

In some cases, a transcript may be sufficient to prove your education credentials to potential employers or other institutions.

Contact the university to request an official transcript and ask them to include information about your degree and graduation date.

A transcript is typically easier and faster to obtain than a replacement diploma, and may also be less expensive.

When requesting a transcript, make sure to provide the same information you would for a replacement diploma request, including your full name, date of birth, student ID number, and the degree and major you earned.

If you need the transcript to be sent directly to a third party, such as an employer or graduate school, provide their contact information as well.

Consider Digital Credentials

Many universities now offer digital credentials as an alternative to traditional paper diplomas.

A digital credential is a secure, verified, and shareable digital record of your educational credentials. It can be easily accessed and shared with potential employers, graduate schools, or other institutions.

If your university offers digital credentials, consider obtaining one in addition to or instead of a replacement diploma.

To obtain a digital credential, contact the university or the vendor that provides digital credentialing services on behalf of the university.

You may need to create an account and provide some basic information about yourself, such as your name and email address.

Once you have access to your digital credentials, you can share them with anyone who needs to verify them.

Consider a University Diploma Replacement

If you're not able to get a new version of your diploma, does that mean you'll have to go without it? Not necessarily. There is an option to create a new version of your diploma online. 

While this replacement diploma won't be the real thing, it can be so authentic that you will be the only one to know the difference. 

When creating a replacement diploma online, you can customize it to match whatever specifications you might desire. Most online designs for this kind of diploma match the designs of diplomas from around the world. 

This means you can create one that feels just like the one you lost. You can use this new diploma in the same way you would've used the original.

If you want to frame it and put it in your office, for example, you'll be able to with this beautiful new diploma. 

Lost Your University Diploma?

Losing a university diploma can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but there are several steps you can take to combat the issue.

The above steps can help you determine how best to go about resolving this frustrating loss. In just a little time, you can have a replacement diploma in your possession and be well on your way. 

Need a quicker solution to your diploma woes? Give us a call anytime for help. 

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