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    A GED transcript validates your skills and knowledge even if you didn’t finish high school. It shows recruiters and academic institutions that you take your career seriously and intend to continue that. However, getting copies of GED transcripts can be a nuisance when you’re short on time. What do you do in such a situation? Get in touch with an expert fake GED transcripts maker. 

    At Same Day Diploma, we create the perfect GED transcript for you. It not only demonstrates the knowledge and experience required to move on to the next chapter of your life but also mirrors the quality of the original transcript. We also allow you to customize what your fake GED transcripts look like. You can pick any GED transcript template and style from our collection or even customize your own to add your seals and signatures.

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    What Types of Transcripts Does Our GED Transcript Maker Create?

    Our GED transcript makers tend to those who have achieved their General Education Development (GED) certification. It offers a detailed track of their educational performance. Here’s what Same Day Diploma excels in:

    GED Diploma Certificate

    We provide a tailor-made fake GED diploma showing your test subjects and scores. While, by nature, it differs from the original document, its purpose cannot be overstated. Consider it a professional record of your achievements. 

    Detailed Academic Records

    The fake GED diploma we create for you will reflect your test scores in each subject, may it be Math, Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts. For recruiters and admission faculty, this clearly indicates your strengths and weaknesses.

    Customization to Fit Your Needs

    The GED transcript can serve different purposes. It could be used for personal archiving, job applications, or further education planning. Either way, we make sure it fulfils this purpose diligently. Same Day Diploma will create a GED diploma certificate worth remembering.


    Oftentimes, there are Often, some individuals don’t take the traditional high school route but still want to pursue a formal career or education. In such a situation, they take the General Education Development test. As a result, they are awarded the respective certification that they can then show to decision-makers for employment or admission. Here’s how it can be used:

    Personal GED Diploma Certificate Copies

    Creating a backup of your GED fake diploma is now hassle-free. Same Day Diploma encapsulates all your achievements within the GED transcript. This allows you to keep the original transcript safe while using a valid GED transcript. 

    Novelty Uses

    It can be used as a gift, as unique as your path to achieve it. This can be a cheerful way to celebrate your or someone else’s educational milestones.

    Enhanced Authenticity

    Sometimes, the original GED documents might not clearly display signatures or seals. We allow you to select a crisp and realistic seal or signature for the transcript while keeping it as close to the original as possible.

    When Not to Use a GED Transcript Maker

    Using a GED Transcript Maker can be tempting for various reasons. Still, there are critical boundaries you should never cross. Misusing these transcripts can lead to serious, often irreversible, consequences. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

    Illegal Employment

    It’s illegal to apply for jobs using fake GED transcripts. Even if you land the job, one security is all it could take to get you fired and banned from applying.

    Application Rejection

    Educational institutes have staff that are well-versed in detecting fakes. They conduct meticulous checks to ensure you are a reliable person. A fake GED transcript could lead to a straight-up rejection of your application.

    Legal Consequences for Fraud

    It goes without saying that you'll get punished if you commit fraud. This serious offense can result in legal penalties. This blemish on your resume or record could forever jeopardize your career.

    Damaged Reputation

    You can save yourself from irreparable reputation damage if you don’t use your GED transcript illegally. Professional relationships are very trust-sensitive. If officials cannot trust you, they will not move toward hiring you either.

    Cost of Fake Printable GED Diploma Certificate

    It’s by no means easy to create a top-quality printable GED transcript. It requires a unique blend of accuracy and expertise. While it may seem like any other document, it’s full of intricacies that must be addressed. At Same Day Diploma, we understand this and pay careful attention to layouts, fonts, seals, and signatures to create the best version of your transcript. The starting price is typically in the range of $50-60 for a standard version.

    What you get with Same Day Diplomas:

    • Seal Choices: Pick from different types of seals to make your transcript look official.
    • Signature Options: You can have signatures that look like they're from the time you graduated. You can also use our hyper-realistic ones.
    • Print or Digital: Get a printed or digital version to utilize.

    Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide you with a GED transcript that genuinely captures all your achievements. Our GED transcripts are made to impress, whether for personal use or for professional reasons.

    Quick GED Transcript Delivery

    Need your GED transcript fast? Once you order, you can download it right away. You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it.

    Unfettered Access

    Your happiness matters to us. If you’ve got any questions or need a hand, our friendly team is always available. Call us at 1-(917) 924-5972 anytime.

    Your Creativity, Materialized

    You get to decide how your GED transcript looks. Pick from any GED transcript template or style we offer and make it your own.

    Taking Care of Your fake GED Transcript

    • Store it in a safe, dry place to avoid any wear.
    • Handle it carefully to prevent any bends or marks.
    • Avoid direct sunlight to keep the colors from fading.
    • Consider framing it for an added layer of protection and a nice display.
    • If you need to transport it, use a protective case or folder to keep it safe.

    Why Same Day Diplomas?

    Didn’t take the traditional high school route? Good. Because we aren’t traditional either. We ensure perfection, from the type of paper to its layouts and signatures. With us, you get a printable fake GED transcript reflecting your achievements and aim for greatness.