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Same Day Diplomas sells replacement GED certificates and transcripts. These transcripts and certificates are useful for a wide variety of different purposes. Some people have ordered replacement GED certificates and transcripts for jobs, promotions, and other events in their life and requirements. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a replacement GED certificate and transcript set from Same Day Diplomas.

Why Might You Need a Replacement GED Certificate or Transcript? 

There are several different occasions where you might need a replacement GED certificate or transcript. These include:

  • - Your current GED transcript or certificate was damaged.
  • - You need a duplicate copy for your personal records.
  • - An employer needs an unofficial copy of your GED records for employment purposes.

Benefits of Ordering Replacement GED Certificates and Transcripts From Same Day Diplomas

Same Day Diplomas makes it easy for you to get the GED certificates and transcripts that you need. You can get either a digital copy, physical copy, or a combination of the two. You include the information of the testing center, your score, and personal information (like your student ID). If you want a proof copy, there are options available at an additional cost. All items come with a 100% trust factor guarantee.

Replacement GED Transcripts

A GED replacement transcript should look exactly like your original. This way, the copy you keep for your personal records looks similar to the original. A GED transcript contains information about how you performed on various test subjects. It will show the date that you took the test, your scores for each individual test, your percentile, and your total performance for the battery of the tests. You will also have a summary of how you performed on each test. The replacement transcript will also show the name and address of the school, testing center, and personal identifying information, such as your student ID. 

Replacement GED Certificates

Replacement GED certificates are handy if you need a copy to hang in your home, for personal records, or other purposes. A GED Certificate is less intensive than the information shown on your transcript, but it is still a symbol of authority for that you have completed your GED. A replacement GED certificate will show the granting school, your information, and a brief statement that you have passed the GED exam. Some GED certificates will go as far to show your GED cumulative test score and your percentile, but this is atypical.

When Should I Use a GED Certificate or Transcript From Same Day Diplomas? 

You can use a GED certificate or transcript from Same Day Diplomas for a wide variety of different situations. Many non-governmental jobs will let you use an unofficial GED transcript when you apply. Many employers will accept an unofficial transcript that is printed from a summary of your test scores, but a replacement GED certificate and transcript will help you shine from the competition. 

Same Day Diplomas can help you get the replacement transcript or certificate that you need to show that you got your GED. We also have add-ons, such as diploma covers, to make your package look super official.