Terms of Service

Product Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive your document and honest service from us, we are honest and hardworking. IF you have issues with us or our product please contact us to allow us the chance to make it right! 

We have no way to guarantee that your document will "work" as we have no knowledge as to what you may do with your document. The intended purpose is to replace a lost or damaged document OR for use by real schools to provide graduates with a high quality print. 

If we have made a spelling or content mistake we will not issue a refund but will quickly replace the document and reship using your original shipping preference.  If YOU made a content mistake you will have to order a paid reprint -- remember that you had a chance to review your order before you placed it.

We allow you 90 days in which to notify us of a misprint or request a reprint. We delete details of all orders after 90 days to protect your personal information. After that time, we will have to recreate your documents to correct mistakes or provide reprints.

By ordering and agreeing to the terms and conditions you understand that we reserve the right to change your order in any way we see fit if it will benefit your product, without notification. Examples include changing the way your degree is worded, fixing misspelled words, changing the color and size of paper chosen, downgrading seals if necessary resulting in a possible credit if you paid extra (we will never upgrade you without your consent), etc.

Shipping Guarantee

Please ensure that you will be available to sign for your package during your requested delivery time frame. If someone else signs for your document and you do not receive it, we will not be liable. Disputes in these cases will be decided in our favor as we have done our part in processing and shipping your order as requested

We will not provide a shipping refund if the shipper (USPS) is responsible for late delivery. Once your package is picked up by the shipper, we lose control of the shipping process. If the shipper is unable to locate your address or you are not available to sign for your package, and your package does not arrive within your time frame, we cannot be held responsible. To get a refund in those instances, you may file a claim with the shipper and they may reimburse you directly. 


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