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We pride ourselves on honest and quick response times and quality products. We make our very best efforts to make sure everyone is taken care of and gets what they need!

We're not available for telephone support and here's why. A call usually takes up a lot of time, and we have many people to assist at once. We found that by chat and text with a live person, we can service many many more people faster and more efficiently than with a call. So instead of getting a busy signal.. you can contact us below and we will help you much faster ( during our communication hours )

Here is how to contact us, from 9 to 4 PM Eastern Time USA:

1.  Text Us! : For Live Support to 1-(917) 924-5972 - Fastest Service

No Calls Please, this is a text line and does not accept calls or voicemail. Please text us or follow the below options. Thanks!

2.  Web Chat! : FOR FASTER SERVICE CHAT WITH US! See button at bottom right of the site!

3. WhatsApp : Returning Soon

4. Facebook & Instagram Messenger : You can send us a message from your account to @DocPrinters.

5. Google Chat: You can send us a message Directly from our Doc Printers Google Page. 

5.  Send us an email : - this is todays snail mail.. it takes time for us to get to these so we highly recommend using method 1 or 2! Its faster ;)

6. Mailing Address : Doc Printers, 9702 Gayton Rd, Suite 292, Richmond, VA 23238