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Replacement GED Diplomas

Replacement GED Diplomas and Transcripts

Buy GEDs Now Starting at $65

Replacement High School & Secondary Diplomas and Transcripts

Buy now starting at $65
Replacement High School & Secondary School Diplomas, Transcripts
Replacement College & University Diplomas and Transcripts

Replacement College & University Diplomas and Transcripts

Buy Now starting at $120

We offer the best possible materials and print processing. From raised and embossed emblems, foil lettering, to custom holograms. We got you covered! Here are some Examples.

Embossed Gold Foil Emblem – Same Day Diplomas
Embossed Round Gold Foil Emblem
Embossed Round Silver Foil Emblem
Embossed Round Gold Foil Over Blue Scallop Seal
Custom Australia University Square Hologram
Custom United Kingdom Certificate Square Hologram 2
Custom United Kingdom Certificate Square
Foli Metallic Gold Leaf Seal Emblem
Raised Metallic Foil Seal Emblem
Raised Metallic Gold Foil Over Red Matte Star
Raised Metallic Silvver Foil Over Blue Metallic
Foil Lettering Gold Foil

We are proud to be a Carbon-Neutral company!

Diplomas with a Global Reach

We can make replacment documents from all over the world! Feel free to contact us if you don't see what you need!

The Best in Replacement, Novelty and sometimes funny Fake Diplomas

We offer Quality Replacement and Novelty Documents using our own Custom Designs, or to match what you lost.

We've got you covered with professional, realistic looking replacement high school, GED, college and university fake diplomas and certificates.  THEY LOOK AND FEEL REAL!! We offer "a wide selection of design styles for the budget-minded. Or "Match Replica" designs that use the same layout, wording and fonts of the original for just a little more.

Am I getting to fake a diploma? Not necessarily, it depends on your use for the diploma you order. If used for novelty then yes they can be considered fake diplomas, but if for replacement for a lost or damaged diploma then no, you are on file with the school and they can be considered real high school or college diploma replacements.

Years experience designing and printing replacement and novelty diplomas since 2001. Honest and courteous CHAT and text customer support. We'll take care of you from start to finish, quickly and efficiently with just what you need.

Printed on the best College Diploma Parchment and true Transcript Security Paper.  Our Leather Textured Padded Diploma Folders add even more realism and protection. Its only a Fake Diploma because its not coming direct from the school, but it is real if you graduated.

LIVE CHAT and TEXT customer support from 11:00am to 4:00 pm Monday - Friday Eastern Time. Email us anytime!

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