Why You Might Need a Hard Copy of Your Diploma or Transcript

You've invested a lot of time in earning your grades and your degrees. Having a hard copy of your diploma or transcript is a smart way to ensure that you are prepared for life after graduation. Whether you plan on continuing your education with another degree or you would like to jump into the workforce, having a hard copy of your diploma and transcripts is convenient and time-saving. 

You may be wondering when, if ever, you might need a hard copy of your academic records, especially with an electronic copy of a diploma easily available. We'll go over common reasons why you may need these documents after high school graduation and after completing your degree. Plus, we'll detail why having a hard copy on hand is a smart idea for life after graduation. 

What Are the Purposes of Diplomas and Transcripts?

After you graduate from high school or after you've completed a degree, you'll need to prove that you've passed all of the courses and graduation requirements. A diploma is an official document that proves you've completed your schooling. Though it's just a piece of paper, it carries great significance. A diploma can open doors in your professional or academic career. Without it, you may not be able to achieve your goals. 

Your academic transcripts are records of your success in each class you took. It holds your g.p.a as well as credit hours. It also holds more specific information about the courses you've taken, like the title and duration of the class. The university admissions office will look closely at applicants' transcripts to make sure that they can thrive at the next collegiate level. Certain prospective employers might also request your transcripts to see how well you performed in specifically related classes. 

If you've just finished high school, you'll need your official diploma as well as your transcripts to get into your preferred university. These documents indicate your intellectual ability and skills to adapt to the next academic level successfully. You'll need to continue providing these documents as you move forward academically to the next degree. Whether you apply for a master's degree or Ph.D., you'll need to provide proof of your degree and academic records in order to be accepted into the program. 

No matter what career path you take, having your diploma and transcripts are incredibly helpful as you apply for jobs. If you're looking to take an entry-level position or internship, a lot of employers look at transcripts in replacement of relevant work experience. Having top grades in relevant coursework can help prove that you are capable of doing a job. 

Why Will You Need These Documents After Highschool?

Most colleges require proof of graduation and performance records. Your diploma is an official document that proves you are capable of continuing on in your education journey. Transcripts are also important when applying for colleges, as most institutions carefully assess your performance in core classes to see if you would be a good fit. 

Why Will You Need These Documents After College?

Depending on what you plan to do after you've completed your bachelor's degree, you may need these documents to continue your education or secure a full-time job. 

Graduate School

For postgraduate studies, you will need official transcripts and your diploma to complete your graduate school applications. These documents will show your capabilities in related courses and your ability to take on the intense workload of graduate school studies. 

Entering the Workforce

If you decide to start working after completing your bachelor's degree, you may need to present your diploma or transcripts to your employer to verify your capability to perform the job well. Often for entry-level positions, employers will look more closely at your academic achievements to determine if you would be the right fit for the role. 

Traveling and Working Abroad

If you intend to work abroad following your college graduation, you may need to show proof of your academic qualifications in order to obtain a work visa. Traveling can be a hassle, and items can easily become lost or stolen. Using a hard copy of your transcripts or diploma can be a way to ensure the original documents stay safe. 

Why Do You Need a Hard Copy?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need a hard copy of your diploma or transcripts. You may need to replace a lost or stolen document. Or, you may want to protect the original ones from damage, as paper products eventually degrade over time due to sunlight and other environmental factors. Whatever the reason is, having a hard copy of your diploma or transcripts on hand is a smart idea to stay prepared and ready for a career or academic opportunities. 

To Prove That You Completed These Degrees

Above all, a hard copy of your diploma shows that you've completed the coursework necessary to move on to graduate school or your job. Whether you decide to hang it up on the wall of your office for everyone to see or you keep it in the drawer of your desk, having this copy will ensure that you are prepared to prove your credentials. 

Though some professions are a lot more casual to university degrees than others, there are a few situations where having a physical copy of your diploma is essential. For example, a lot of work opportunities abroad will require you to show hard copies of your diplomas. These papers act as proof of your credentials. You may also need to show it when applying for a visa. Also, in professions that require protection, like law or medicine, having your official diploma will be necessary to show people.

To Display Your Higher Education Degrees in Your Office

If you have a job where you need to build authority and trust either in your colleagues or clients, having your degrees displayed prominently on the wall will help to do that. For certain roles, this practice may even be essential. If you are a psychiatrist or a health professional, your degrees are crucial to your being in the role. For these kinds of positions, you will need to hold certain degrees. Some people will even care what university you've graduated from to get your degrees. In these cases, you'll need to display your diplomas for all to see.

To Protect Your Original Diploma

Even when displaying your diploma is essential, you may want to protect the integrity of your original document. Sunlight, water, smoke, and extreme temperatures can damage paper. If you're interested in preserving your original diploma, then you may want to invest in a hard copy for display or traveling.

You may also want to display your credentials in more than one place. If you want to hang your diplomas in your home office as well as your public one, you can get extra copies wherever you want to display them. 

To Show Your Capabilities

Having your official transcripts on hand may be important when applying for jobs. If you have a bit of work experience already and are applying for mid-level jobs, then you probably won't need to reference your transcripts in any interview. However, if you are an entry-level job seeker who has just graduated college, having your transcripts ready that show relevant coursework can help you land a job. If you're trying to get a job that is relevant to your major, your transcripts will help show your knowledge and capabilities related to the subject. 

It's important to accurately convey your coursework, qualifications, and experience when applying for jobs so that potential employers can easily verify this information. With official copies of your transcripts, your interviewers will be able to see your achievements and abilities clearly. 

Why Do You Need a Hard Copy Instead of an Electronic Copy?

With technology advancing, almost all records are electronic now, including your academic information. Are physical copies of your diploma and transcripts even important? While it's true that potential employers can verify your academic history online, having a hard copy of your diploma is a good idea and even necessary in some cases.

An electronic copy of a diploma or your transcripts can be a smart way to ensure that you always have some kind of academic record that employers can verify. A lot of employers may even accept this as proof in replacement of seeing a physical copy of your diploma or transcripts. Particularly with newer organizations and companies that are more technologically inclined, they may not need to see a physical copy of your diploma or transcripts. 

While an electronic copy of a diploma is a good idea, it may not be sufficient for all situations. Having a physical diploma is necessary to obtain most visas. So if you ever want to work abroad, you'll need to keep this paper. 

Also, some employers may ask to specifically see your official transcripts or original diploma for verification purposes. Depending on your industry and profession, official degrees may be essential to landing the job. Having these documents ready could speed up the hiring process. 

What Should You Do If You've Lost or Misplaced Your Diploma?

Losing your official diploma can be frustrating and alarming when you need it immediately. You don't want to miss out on an exciting opportunity because you misplaced a piece of paper. However, accidents happen, and it can be easy to lose such a small item that you don't use in your daily life. While losing your diploma can be stressful, it's a common mishap. What can you do if you need to replace your diploma? If it happens to you, there are several ways to approach the situation. Depending on the urgency of your situation, you may need to order a temporary replacement.

Request a Hard Copy From Your Institution

The first thing you should do is reach out to your school's registrar's office. They will have all your important records, including your transcripts and diploma. The office can then print and sign your new diploma. While this is a good way to get your official academic documents, it can take a long time, even weeks, before you see the physical copy. If you live out of state or abroad, this process can take an especially long time. 

Request a Replacement Diploma from Same Day Diploma

However, thanks to new technology, an electronic copy of a diploma can be requested from some institutions. While an electronic copy of a diploma may work for some situations, there are instances when you need a physical copy. If you're short on time and you need to get your hands on a physical copy of your diploma, then ordering from Same Day Diploma can get you your credentials quickly. This diploma can serve as a temporary replacement while you wait for your school's official documents. 

Your diploma and transcripts represent the hard work, time, and dedication that you've put into your academic career. Whether you're looking to move forward in the world of academia or you want to step out into a career path, having a diploma and your transcripts ready to go will help speed up the process. Having hard copies of these documents may not seem that important, as you probably won't need to show these documents often. However, there are times when you need to show them to employers, foreign administrators, and other institutions, so it's best to be prepared with legitimate hard copies of these documents. If you ever find yourself in a pinch and need to get a hard copy of your diploma or transcripts fast, Same Day Diploma can provide you with replacement documents more quickly than your school.  

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