High School and College Replacement Transcripts

When you need to apply for college or a job, your school transcript is one of the basic requirements that universities and companies ask for. It can be a struggle to acquire — especially if you need to have it quickly.

There are ways that you can get a replacement transcript, like getting in touch with your school or requesting one from a third party. Here are some of the essentials that students and alumni need to know in case they need a copy or replacement transcript from their high school or college.

What Situations Require an Official Transcript?

If you’re a student, you need a transcript for the following situations:

  • College applications
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • School transfer applications
  • Academic prizes/honors
  • Internships
  • Summer jobs
  • Research/study opportunities

For graduates, a transcript is crucial for the following situations:

  • Graduate school applications
  • Job applications
  • Housing applications

There are two kinds of high school and college transcripts: official and unofficial.

Official transcripts contain the seal and signature of the registrar. They also include the student’s academic history and degree information. Transcripts might include awards the students garnered and even academic probation history or honor code violations. Official school transcripts also require payments to be processed.

Meanwhile, unofficial transcripts are online versions of high school and college transcripts. They include a listing of the student’s grades and credits. Unlike the official high school or college transcript, an unofficial transcript does not include a seal, signature, or information about the student’s full degree.

When You Can Get By With an Unofficial Copy

An unofficial transcript can serve as a reference for you to determine whether your coursework or grades meet specific prerequisites that a college, program, or job necessitates.

Unofficial transcripts are not accepted by most colleges or companies. However, these documents might be adequate for other circumstances. Before submitting your college or job application, it’s important that you know the kind of transcript that is needed for those situations.

Where You Can Get a Replacement Copy

School transcripts can be misplaced or destroyed due to unfortunate incidents like fire, flood, mold, or pest damage. You can obtain a replacement by going over your school’s transcript policy on their website or contacting the registrar personally for details. Keep in mind, though, that official transcripts take longer to get issued compared to unofficial ones.

If you need a copy ASAP because of a pressing summer job or application for a promising post in a sought-after company, you can request a fake transcript from a third party while waiting for the official transcript replacement.

Online replacement transcript and diploma companies like Same Day Diplomas specialize in creating secure documents for personal and educational use. We also produce a quality fake transcript or college degree for use as props, gag gifts, or extra copies.

Replacement transcripts require a fee plus shipping costs, and they will be mailed to you securely, privately, and quickly, so you can immediately complete that college or job application. There are no long waiting times for fake transcripts; you can get a quality replacement copy in no time. For more information about the services that Same Day Diplomas offers, check out our homepage today.


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