Can I Buy a High School Diploma While I Wait For My Original Copy?

Securing a diploma during high school plays an integral role in life for each individual. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Your diploma might be lost, damaged, or stolen. These scenarios can all lead to troublesome situations especially when it’s time you need it.

To move forward in life and bypass these issues, you’ll need to get a new high school diploma. Unfortunately, there is often a delay between when you order your diploma and when you actually receive it. 

Of course, you can always buy a high school diploma so you have a temporary document you can hold on to while awaiting the release of your official record.

If you need a high school diploma right away for whatever reason, we at Same Day Diplomas have you covered. We are experts in producing professional and realistic high school record replacements for people who are looking for temporary transcripts.

Reasons to Get a Temporary High School Diploma Copy

The following are the main reasons why you might need to buy a high school diploma:

You Lost Your High School Diploma

Diplomas aren’t something you’re going to use regularly so you can easily lose them, particularly when rearranging items or moving out of an old home. Graduates who need to show a new employer their high school diploma but don’t have them can find it difficult to land a job.

You Just Want to Display a Replica

One might have great memories of their time in high school and their diploma can be a great way of remembering old times. However, displaying such valuable documents can easily lead them to degrade over time, such as if they’re exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. 

As an alternative, you can buy a high school diploma and use that replica for display purposes instead.

You Need a Backup Diploma

Another common reason is having a backup high school diploma that you can use it in various scenarios. Many will like to see your diploma to prove your credibility. This will ensure your original stays safe by avoiding loss or damage from day-to-day processes.

Keeping copies of diplomas is one of the smartest decisions anyone can make today.

Why Does the Official High School Diploma Copy Take Long?

One of the main reasons why an official high school diploma takes a long time to process and receive is because it needs special printing to accomplish, which goes for college diplomas as well. A diploma isn’t something that can be printed immediately as it takes time to complete to ensure everything is official and professional-looking. 

Furthermore, each school checks the records of their students meticulously before they can send their diplomas for processing. They want to ensure that the person requesting a diploma from them actually completed all requirements and attended school there. 

Given that each of their records has to be confirmed before a diploma goes through the lengthy order process, it’s only reasonable to see why such transactions take a long time to finish.

What Can I Do With a High School Diploma Copy?

Ever wondered what you can do with a temporary high school diploma? To give you an idea, here are some ways you can start using a copy of your diploma:

  • For use as a temporary replacement: As mentioned earlier, you can use a replica high school diploma when you need to apply for a special project, grant, or job. This document can be used as a stand-in especially when you’ve recently lost your original one.
  • When you want to showcase them in different locations: Displaying diplomas in an office is a great idea, but what about when you want to showcase them in your home as well? When you buy a high school diploma, you can display these replicas both in your house and in your workplace without having to choose just one or the other.
  • To encourage you: Many individuals purchase real-looking high school diplomas to give themselves a morale boost. Having a fake diploma can motivate you especially as it can serve as a reminder of your accomplishments at the end of your high school journey.

Uses of Temporary High School Diploma After the Official Document Arrives

We’ve already discussed the main reasons why someone should buy a high school diploma. It might be because they’ve lost or damaged their original document and are awaiting the arrival of the official one .

But what happens once the real transcript arrives? Will your temporary diploma be useless then?

You can still continue using a high school diploma even after the original document arrives. One example is to use it as a replacement when displaying it in public places so you can keep your real one safe from damage or theft.

Another use is when you need to showcase your diploma in various locations. You might be a business owner or an office employee that needs to do this but you can still display your diploma at home when you have a replica around.


Purchasing a high school diploma is one of the best choices for people who need a replacement of their original document. These copies can be used for various purposes like using as a stand-in while waiting for your official record to arrive.

Fortunately, Same Day Diplomas can create realistic high school diplomas for you whenever you need them. We stand by our name and can produce a diploma for you within the same day you place your order.

Our diploma makers only use the best materials and print processing techniques so you end up with a document that looks just like the real deal.

Visit our website today to learn more about what we have to offer.











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