6 Common Reasons for Buying a Fake Diploma

You might be surprised to know that novelty college diplomas are quite common. There are several reasons why people choose to purchase novelty college degrees and high school diplomas. And although it might seem taboo to you to have a fake diploma created, you'll be among many others who've chosen to take the same route.

And the best thing about it is that no one will ever be able to tell that your diploma isn't real. Are you debating if buying a fake diploma is a necessity for you? There are more reasons to buy a fake diploma than you probably know about.

Continue reading below to learn about 6 reasons why buying a fake diploma might be necessary for you.  

1. You Need a Backup Copy of Your Real Diploma

Let's say you've attended high school or college and have gotten the diploma that you need. You know just how valuable this piece of paper is. And in many situations, colleges and high schools charge you a fee if you lose your diploma and need another one made. 

Save yourself the hassle of waiting on the phone for hours being transferred to one department to another waiting to speak with someone at your past school to help you get another diploma made. Have a novelty backup copy of your real diploma in hand. You can create your novelty diploma to look exactly like your real diploma.

No one will notice the difference and it gives you peace of mind knowing your real diploma can remain safe at home while you use your fake one for graduation photos, job interviews, or for a display in your office. 

2. You Lost Your Real Diploma

If you already lost your real diploma and don't have a backup, then this is a time for concern. You worked hard to achieve that level of success and now it's gone. Maybe it got lost in a move or a robbery.

Maybe you stored it away somewhere and haven't seen it in years and now don't know where to find it. Whatever the case may be, it's gone and you need a new one. Contacting the college or high school that you attended and trying to have a new diploma made and sent to you takes both time and money, as briefly stated before. 

It can be a hassle and you might need your diploma now. Have a fake diploma made to mimic your real one precisely. It'll save you that time and money that you'd lose dealing with the school. 

3. Your Job Requires It

Many jobs either require a high school diploma or a college one depending on the type of job. If you find yourself in a situation where your job is requiring you to have a diploma of some sort, or you're applying to a job with this requirement, then you'll need to present them with your diploma. 

Completing school takes years and lots of hard work. Your new or current job wants you to provide them with proof of your dedication to your education, but you've lost or no longer have your diploma. Sometimes, after you graduate, a school that you attend might close down or no longer have records past a certain year.

When this happens, you might begin to panic believing you'll lose your job or not be hired. However, buying a fake diploma is a perfect solution. You can have the diploma made for the exact school you went to and create it to look like the real diploma that you no longer have access to. 

4. You Need a Temporary Diploma

If you completed school and are waiting for your real diploma to come in the mail, don't fret. We understand that you need your diploma now and there's no telling when the school will finally send it out or when you'll finally receive it. If your real diploma isn't in your hands yet, but you need it now, have a fake diploma made to serve as a temporary one.

Your temporary diploma will look, feel, and act as your real diploma until it comes in the mail. This is a great option for college students who graduated recently and are applying to several jobs. These companies will want a copy of your diploma to certify that you have indeed completed the level of education needed to work there.

This eases stress while waiting for your real one to come in the mail. And when it does arrive, simply switch it out with the temporary one and keep the temporary one as a backup copy. 

5. You Need a Boost of Confidence

If you work in an environment where you're surrounded by co-workers, then you might have heard some of them boasting about their college education. This might leave you feeling inferior to others because you don't have a high school or college diploma. When this happens, your confidence level drops.

You might begin to do poorly on work assignments because you feel as though your co-workers are better than you or more qualified. This is simply not true. But if you need a confidence boost, then have a fake diploma created and hang it proudly on your office wall or desk.

It'll shush all of the arrogant co-workers who feel they're better than you because of their own diplomas. 

6. You Need One as a Prop

If you work in entertainment such as theatre or the movie industry, you might need a diploma for a prop. If you want your work to truly stand above the rest, then you'll need to have a fake diploma created. Don't fall into the cheesy antics of others by using a blank piece of paper rolled together as a diploma. 

Have a fake diploma made that looks exactly like an actual diploma. This makes the best prop for your play, movie scene, show, or whatever you need the prop for! 

Buying a Fake Diploma Is Easy!

Buying a fake diploma of your own is simple when purchasing from us. Contact us today to request a free sample of what you can expect to get from our team of experts.

Don't let the stress and hassle of a real diploma weigh you down. Create your fake diploma today!

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