Custom Diploma Cover

Custom Diploma Cover

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These high quality Custom Diploma & Certificate Covers are a perfect compliment to your hard earned college diploma or any document that you need to keep safe and looking professional. We offer various sizes and colors and you can also order in bulk if needed. Contact us for bulk orders.

Our folders are hardback, with a nicer more sturdy feel to it, shiny gloss look.. These are much higher quality than the typical padded folders you see online. They are very firm and sleek looking and are hard to find, particularly in a variation of colors and sizes.Colors: red, green, black, navy, and maroon

From $35 - $45

This is a Custom Cover with text or logo in the middle..
These are hard to find individually!
Normally bulk orders are required for custom folders. 

  • Material: Leatherette Cover
  • Size: 8.5" x 11", A4 8.3X11.7, 8X6, 11X14 available
  • Colors: Navy, Black, Green, Red, Maroon
  • 4 Satin Corner Ribbons
  • Custom Logo, text or both

Add your name for an additional fee $10

Applications: Diplomas, Certificates, Transcripts and so much more

See our other listings for a variation of Stock impressions to fit most occasions! 

All documents provided are intended for novelty, replacement or decorative purposes and not to serve as official documentation or certifications

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