Oops, I Lost My College Diploma! A Guide on How to Get a Replacement Diploma

Attending college has become a part of life for many Americans. The road to graduation is riddled with exams, research papers, essays, and financial aid. 

So walking across the stage to receive your college diploma is an accomplishment. It's a reflection of your dedication and hard work. 

But as post-college life begins, sometimes events happen, and we lose track of things, including our diploma. 

When you have a lost college diploma, there's no need to worry. Finding a replacement diploma is easy. 

Follow along as we discuss how to get a copy of your college diploma.

What Is a College Diploma?

A college diploma is an official notice of meeting the graduation requirements of a school's program. But it also represents the effort put forth by the student. 

College diplomas come in many forms, colors, sizes, and fonts. Each institution's diploma is distinctive.

A college diploma gets awarded for the Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate programs. 

An associate's degree lasts two years but might take longer depending on whether a student is part-time or full-time. The associate's program equates to the freshman and sophomore year of a Bachelor's program. 

Many students who begin college at a two-year community college transfer to a four-year college or university after graduating with an Associate's diploma.

A Bachelor's program typically lasts four years, but it could end sooner or later, depending on the number of credits a student completes each semester. A Bachelor's program usually focuses on one or two (dual degree) areas of interest. 

A Master's program specializes in an area and requires research or a thesis. It can last one to three years. 

A Doctorate program is the highest level of post-secondary education. It also asks students to conduct a research project and lasts four to ten years. Completion of a doctorate program might lead to teaching at a college or university.

Why Do You Need a Copy of Your Diploma?

After graduating, most people begin looking for employment even if they plan to attend Graduate school. When applying to Graduate school, job hunting, and interviewing many colleges and companies request you show your diploma and an official transcript.

Both the diploma and official transcript helps in the verification process. It's easy to lie about graduating, so expect potential employers or admissions representatives to ask for your credentials and run background checks.

How Do You Get a Replacement Diploma?

Earning a college diploma should make you proud. Every year millions of people begin an undergraduate program but leave before completing their freshman year. 

After all, the money spent on losing your diploma is the last thing you want to happen. But if you've moved a few times since graduation, it's possible to misplace an item or two.

However, all is not lost, and there is hope for helping you regain your diploma.

Search for Your Original Diploma

Yes, looking for your original diploma is probably the first thing you did. But sometimes backtracking can help. If you moved into a new apartment or house, you might have left it behind. 

Contact old roommates to see if it got mixed up with their belongings. If you lived at home during your college years, call up mom, dad, or grandma. They may have found it and put it in a safe place for you.

After searching high and low, it might be time to use outside resources to get a copy of your college diploma.

Contact Your ALMA Mater

The next step to getting a copy of your diploma is to contact the college or university you attended. If you're close by to the school, a friendly trip to the campus Registrar's office could be helpful.

Each school's process of requesting a copy of a diploma or transcript will vary. But in most cases, a form is completed. The form might ask for your name, address, telephone number, social security number, and student number. 

There might be a fee required for a copy. The cost of a replacement diploma depends on the college, but you might pay $15 to over $100 for it.

Expect to wait an estimated four to eight weeks for your order to arrive. 

Once you have it, keep it in a memorable and safe place.

Buy a Copy of the Diploma

Sometimes the college or university is unable to provide you with a copy of your diploma. Records get lost, or the school closes are two situations that might make replacing your diploma tougher.

But now it's easier than ever to purchase a fake copy of your diploma

At Same Day Diplomas, we provide high-quality copies of your college diploma. Our products are crafted to match the design, seals, and color of your university's diploma. 

We can provide a sample of a diploma before you order. 

Our online form allows customers to input the school's name, city, state, graduation date, student's name, and more. Within minutes, your order is placed.

When completing the form, please select if you want a hardcopy, digital copy, or both. 

Please refer to our delivery options page to review the delivery schedule.

Buy Your Copy 

No one should stress over a misplaced diploma when it's simple to get a replacement diploma. If you want a copy of your diploma to frame and display, don't waste another moment. Browse our selection of College and University Diplomas and Transcripts on our website and see what the fuss is about.


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