I Lost My High School Diploma: Where Can I Get A New One?

Are you looking for your high school diploma? Did you look everywhere but still couldn’t seem to find it?

Those “I lost my high school diploma” moments can make one panic at certain times. These are the times when you’re applying for a job. 

But sometimes, you only want to display them in your living room for everyone to see.

Both are not lost causes, as there are ways to obtain a lost high school diploma. You can connect with your alma mater and request a new one. However, this process can be time-consuming. 

On the other hand, some alternatives are worth looking into. And one of them is through a replacement replica diploma.

But is a fake diploma worth the investment? Continue reading below as we look closely into this promising alternative.

I Lost My High School Diploma: The Old-School Solution

“I lost my high school diploma” is a phrase that can be funny or scary. If you graduated from a university, losing your high school diploma should mean a lot. But if high school is your farthest academic achievement, then it can mean the whole world.

Even if you didn’t earn a college degree, your high school diploma can still help take you somewhere. It comes with many advantages that can help you get through life. This is more evident today, as a lot of people are scrambling to find work. 

Since losing it can be a big hassle, there are steps to take that can help you get hold of a new copy. Let us first discuss the traditional route. However, keep in mind that this method can be tedious.

And with the pandemic still affecting schools and offices, you may find it harder to go through this process.

If you know the contact details of your high school, contact them, and inform them that you lost your diploma. It is best to connect with the school’s main office if you don’t know the particular person to talk to.

Also, you need to prepare some items for identification. Your school will request for a valid ID. You may also need to provide your social security number for verification.

And of course, you will have to shoulder a certain amount for a copy of your diploma. As for availability, it may take days or even weeks, depending on your school.

Things can get tougher if you can no longer reach your old high school. If so, find the district where your school belongs to. If the district no longer exists, you will have to contact the state Department of Education.

The Better Alternative

With the competition for landing a job becoming stiffer than ever, you need to secure a new copy of your diploma, ASAP. Since the pandemic will likely delay the process, you should consider other available options.

Thankfully, there is a faster alternative to obtaining your lost diploma: replica replacement high school diplomas. As the name implies, these diplomas are copies of your original high school diploma. 

Since they are replicas, they should be able to copy all the details that you see in an original one. These include the correct logos and colors, as well as the correct signs and seals.

Moreover, they should also capture the right size, the correct names, signatures, and dates. But the key to this whole ordeal lies in the quality of the diplomas. They should showcase top-notch quality that is on par with the original.

This means people shouldn’t be able to tell that it’s fake, even after a closer inspection.

As we mentioned earlier, a replica diploma will buy you more time. You can start your job hunting while searching for the original one at home. 

And if you’re not going to use it for employment purposes, you can proudly hang it in your living room. You will have no worries about people thinking that it is just a copy.

Key Considerations

Before you go hunting for a replica diploma, there are key factors you need to consider. First is the price tag. Prices of fake diplomas vary depending on key factors. 

Some diplomas feature intricate designs. In turn, these diplomas will likely cost more than others. 

Also, the quality of the materials counts. You want to get a diploma that features high-grade paper that is roughly the same as the real thing. Most fake diplomas fall badly in this department.

Choosing the Right Replacement Diploma Maker

And if you want to get the best-looking replacement diploma, you need to find the right diploma maker. But how can you tell a good one from a bad one? 

First, you need to ask for sample pictures of their products.

Check the images if they successfully replicate original diplomas. It is best if you can examine an actual copy of their work. Get a feel of the paper and check the printing of the details.

You also want to check if they can copy the diploma of the high school you attended. Some companies have a limited selection of diplomas.

Another is to ask about the turnaround time. If time is not on your side, you need to find a company that delivers replica diplomas on the same day.

You also need to check the feedback of their past customers. What do they say about the quality of the diplomas?

Are they raving about them, or are they complaining about the paper, coloration, and overall quality?

Last but not least, find a company that honors the Privacy Protection Act. There are diploma makers that may offer quick turnaround times but compromise your personal information.

As these companies request your personal details, they take the latter and sell them to other companies.

Let’s Replace Your High School Diploma, Today!

Now that you have a viable alternative in solving your “I lost my high school diploma” woes, you can replace your lost diploma faster. You can use the replacement any way you want, so long as you get it from the right sources. And if you’re searching for a diploma maker you can trust, then you came to the right place.

We invite you to check our selection of high school diplomas styles. Connect with us today for a sample request. Tell us what you need and let’s discuss your options.

Let’s get you the best replacement diploma you deserve, today!

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