How To Get Your High School Transcripts

Your high school transcripts are an important document that you will need on frequent occasions throughout your life. When you are applying to college, many institutions will require that your high school sends a copy of your transcripts. The same holds true for associate degree institutions and vocational schools. Your transcripts can help you secure a scholarship, determine your college admission, and even exempt you from certain general educational requirements. When you graduate from high school, you will likely never see a copy of your transcripts because they are sent directly to the school that you applied to. You might need a copy of your transcripts for a job. Let's take a look at how you can get access to your high school transcripts quickly.

How to get your high school transcripts directly from your public high school

Depending upon where you live in the United States, different school districts have different procedures for doing things:

  • You may need to contact your high school directly. Your guidance department will be able to get you a copy of your high school transcript.
  • You may need to contact your school district if records are processed from a central office.
  • Your state's department of education may be able to issue you a copy of your high school transcripts.

You can also get your high school diploma through a third-party service. You will never see the copy if it's being sent to another institution. There are several third-party services available that will help you get an official transcript sent to your college or employer, but they charge a fee. If you are looking for an official copy of your transcript, these are the methods that will help you get a copy.


How to obtain a copy of your transcript if you went to a private high school

Many people went to high school at a private institution. In most situations, you will be able to obtain a copy of your transcripts through that school itself. Most private schools will have a portal online where you can request a copy of your transcript. If you have been out of school for quite some time, you will be able to call the school's records office or guidance department and they will be able to process your request for a transcript.

What if your school is no longer open?

Over the years, high schools may close for a wide variety of different reasons. When school districts merge, the new school district will often have access to your original transcripts. When a high school closes, there will be a party that is called your "custodian of records." The custodian of records for your high school could be another high school, a third party records company, or even a college or a university. For example, in Georgia, you would call the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools if you needed to obtain a copy of your transcript.


What if you went to home school? How do you get a copy of your transcript?

If you went to home school, you may not have a transcript. There is a test score printout that will go along with your GED diploma. Your GED testing provider will provide you with a printout that includes your scores, overall performance, and how well you did. In most situations, this test score printout will be suitable for college admission. For your GED diploma and test scores, your testing provider will be able to provide you with official copies of these. You can purchase unofficial copies for personal use from Same Day Diplomas.

When do you need to request an official or unofficial copy of your high school transcript?

You will need an official transcript from your high school for most situations, including:

  • Admission to a two-year or four-year college or vocational school.
  • When you are applying for scholarships through your college.
  • When your employer or college needs to verify aspects of your high school education.

Unofficial transcripts can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. If you are filling out a college application or scholarship application online, you might find it helpful to have an unofficial transcript on hand for reference. Here are some situations where an unofficial copy of your high school transcript can help you get by:

  • Some employers may accept an unofficial transcript if you are already working for the company.
  • You are applying for a scholarship from an organization that is not tied to an academic institution.
  • You are using your high school transcript to get into a college fraternity or sorority.
  • You are using your high school transcript to get into a professional society.

Where can I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?

If you are needing an unofficial transcript, Same Day Diplomas can help you get a copy of your unofficial transcript. These transcripts are fully customizable and can be made to include your school name, the original date of issue and can even include information about courses and your GPA. Here are some of the benefits of getting your unofficial transcript from Same Day Diplomas:

  • You can use it for personal reference.
  • You can use it as a replacement copy of your transcript until your official transcript arrives.
  • You can also get a copy of your diploma if you are missing it as well.

When you get an unofficial transcript, just make sure that you are using it for personal reference or as a replacement copy until your official transcript arrives from your high school.

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