How To Get Your High School Diploma

For most people, the obvious route to getting their high school diploma is through completing high school. However, some people find an unconventional route to finish their high school education. People can earn a high school diploma on their own or get a GED. Their reasons for doing so include:

  • They want to start working earlier and therefore drop out of high school.
  • The traditional high school curriculum does not work for them for a wide variety of reasons.
  • They want to focus on starting a family or have had a child.
  • They do not enjoy high school, perhaps because it is too hard or teachers do not help them enough.

Let's take a look at some of the ways that you can get a high school diploma or a GED.

Take the HiSET, an alternative to the GED that lets you get a high school diploma

Many people do not realize that they can get their high school diploma without ever having to attend high school. There is an alternative to the GED called the HiSET. The HiSET is a little bit different from the standard GED. The HiSET:

  • Can be taken either as a paper-based or computer-based test.
  • Covers five different subjects.
  • Requires a passing score of 8 out of 20 on each of the five subjects and a total of 45 on the entire test.
  • Is often more affordable than the GED.

The HiSet is available in states where there is not a GED and in many states where there is a GED.

Earn your high school diploma online

For some people, the GED or HiSET will not work. Some jobs require that you get an accredited high school diploma. Most colleges will admit people who have a GED equivalent, but a high school diploma will help you secure better scholarships and avoid taking many general education requirements. For those that wish to earn a high school diploma, an online option may be a good fit. There are many ways to earn your high school diploma online:

  • Many community colleges offer a high school diploma option in either an in-person or distance learning model.
  • Many programs exist that can fast track you to earning an official high school diploma.
  • Some programs let you transfer in parts of your GED to count towards your high school credit.

For those that need to earn a high school diploma, an online option may be a good fit. Earning your high school diploma online lets you:

  • Take your classes and do work at a pace that is appropriate for your busy life.
  • You can transfer in previous high school classes to count towards your diploma.
  • Fast track your high school diploma so that you can get the job or financial aid package that suits you best in college.

How does a high school diploma stand up against the GED and the HiSeT

If you are trying to get your high school diploma and are thinking about the GED or HiSETs, there are a few things to think about:

  • While many other countries will honor a high school diploma, you may not be able to use your GED or HiSET.
  • Some colleges and universities (more likely private ones) will be hesitant to admit someone without a high school diploma.
  • Coursework differs greatly between a GED and a high school diploma. Taking a high school diploma will let you take specific coursework that will help you find your ideal job or career.

Things to think about when getting your high school diploma the conventional way

For those who are enrolled in high school, there are some choices to be made that can further your education. These choices can help you avoid taking unnecessary general education classes in college, can make you stand out for more scholarship money, and help you get into your desired major a little bit easier.

  1. If your high school offers a college prep option, consider taking these classes. Typically, you will take more advanced math and science classes and earn more high school credit hours.
  2. You might want to strive for a higher GPA. Having a higher GPA will help you earn either a valedictorian or salutatorian endorsement on your transcript. If you also have a GPA of higher than 3.5, you will also be able to apply for academic scholarships.
  3. Some high schools have honor opportunities for students, such as honor societies. While these endorsements don't always show on transcripts, you can mention them on your college application for better scholarship opportunities.

How to Get Your High School Diploma

When you graduate from high school, you may not keep your original diploma or transcript. Your parents might save it for you, you might lose it while in college, or you might misplace it for some other reason. If you need to get your high school diploma, your original high school or school district will be able to provide you with an official copy. For an unofficial copy of your high school diploma, Same Day Diplomas can help you out. Each of our diplomas is custom printed to exactly your specifications and will look like the one issued by your school. You can use these copies for:

  • Personal replacement copy.
  • Unofficial copy for framing on your wall or in your office.
  • Your personal records.
  • Making sure that you have one on hand for people to see if you want to keep your official copy safe.

If you need help getting a diploma from Same Day Diplomas, we can help you with your high school diploma and transcripts.

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