How To Fake a Bachelor's Degree to Fool Your Friends

What do athletes, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs have in common? It’s simple — they worked hard to attain something that impresses people. They put in the hours and did the work. Throw in whatever hustle culture cliché you can think of.

Whatever you choose to add, you’ll agree that doing all of the above is hard. Wouldn’t it be easier to order a piece of paper that adds to your successes?

A fake college diploma or bachelor’s degree may not make you a pro athlete. Nonetheless, a fake bachelor’s degree can go a long way in making your friends see you as the Einstein of the group.

With a fake degree, you’ll gain the status and respect that comes with being a degree holder — even without you hitting the books for four years.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Luckily, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as real to get a job, you’re in the clear.

Stick around until the end of this article to learn more about how to fake a bachelor's degree. By the end of this post, you’ll see that there’s such a thing as a shortcut to “intelligence” — sort of.

Step 1: Know the Limits of Your Facade

Before becoming your own Mike Ross, you need to know how far you can take your act of being a college graduate. In other words, there’s what the law allows and doesn’t when it comes to your fake college diploma.

In the United States, more and more companies are becoming suspicious of paper-based documents. Some of these documents that have gone under the microscope are college diplomas, according to Credential Trust.

A fake college diploma isn’t illegal, per se. In fact, you might land some jobs with it.

The problem occurs when you’re found out. Just know that you’ll need an attorney with the skills of Harvey Specter if your act suddenly gets revealed.  

Also, In case you haven’t already toyed with the idea, don’t try to pass yourself off as any of the following:

  • A doctor
  • An attorney
  • An engineer
  • A certified public accountant
  • A real estate agent
  • Any professional that needs to have a license to practice in a field

Try to self-proclaim yourself as any of the above, and your fake credential will be checked out. Employers can now verify credentials using free services from NGOs like Clearinghouse.

In short:

  • There are some risks
  • Try not to fake being a licensed professional
  • When you’re discovered, the consequences won’t be peachy

Step 2: Check Out What a Real College Diploma Looks Like

With the legal stuff out the way, let’s begin with how to fake your diploma. The first step after recognizing the risks is to see what a diploma looks like.

Different universities have different layouts for their diplomas. Everything from font style and size to paper choice is worth knowing and requesting from the diploma maker you hire.

To take your fake diploma to the next level, try to get a dry seal or something that appears like one on your diploma. This will raise no questions from your peers.

As the cherry on top, you can have parts of the diploma in an academic-sounding language like Latin. Want to convince a friend or two of your years at the Cordon Bleu? Have the entire diploma in French, s'il vous plaît.

Step 3: Look for and Hire the Right Fake Degree Company

Nowadays, there are thousands of companies willing to make you look like a genius, according to World Education News and Reviews. Usually, they’ll render pretty much the same set of services. Of course, some will be better than others. Luckily, a quick Google search will give you a list of these companies, along with their reviews.

However, a word to the wise, fake degree or otherwise — the whole point of having a fake college degree is to make it seem as though you have one. For this reason, not only does your diploma need to look legit; it’s got to have some sort of “backing” just in case anyone looks you up.

Hence, go for a company that also offers 24/7 verification services. This way, your fake diploma will hold up should anyone check online for its validity.

Step 4: Order Your Fake Bachelor’s Degree Diploma or Certificate

When you do place an order, be sure to give the company you’re hiring some instructions about what your fake college diploma will look like.

Specify everything from the kind of medal to the fonts. This shouldn’t be too tough since most companies will allow you to choose from layouts available on their sites.

Also, include the following details:

  • Your full name
  • The university or higher learning institution
  • The year you graduated
  • What you majored in

Step 5: Wait for Your Diploma and Display It for the Whole World to See

Order from us, and you’ll receive your fake diploma within 24 to 48 hours. Once you’ve received your diploma, the next part is easy — hanging it somewhere your friends can see it.

Many will swoon in admiration, effusively praising you for an accomplishment not many can boast. To this end, we cap things off with this last step to adding legitimacy to your academic “accomplishment.”

Get One of Our Fake Diplomas and Do This Last Step for Maximum Results!

After receiving the diploma, you’ve just got to do one last thing — walk the talk. It’s cool to have a diploma saying you’ve reached a point of intellectual mastery. If you want to make it believable, talk smart and act smart. When your actions match whatever hangs on the wall, nobody will have any doubts.

For fake diplomas that make you smarter on paper — literally — check us out at Same Day Diplomas.


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