Faking a High School Diploma, Should You Do It?

Is faking a high school diploma a great idea? “Faking” doesn’t sound great at first, and it definitely isn’t if you are planning to use the certificate to apply for a course or a job. After all, it’s not an actual diploma. However, you will be surprised to know that a fake diploma has some pretty good uses.

When Should You Fake a Diploma?

When is it okay to order a fake high school diploma? Well, there are at least two scenarios when it is okay. One is if you lost your actual high school diploma, and the second is if you need the fake certificate simply as a novelty gift.

Lost Original Diploma

While you should really take good care of your diploma, it is sometimes inevitable that you lose it or get destroyed. It could be that you had misplaced your diploma when you packed your bags for college. You thought it was in your bag, but it wasn’t there when you looked. Now, you are unsure where it is.

Of course, you can get a replacement of your diploma from your high school. It is possible to do that, but you might want to get a fake diploma in some cases. Buying a fake diploma is easier and cheaper, especially if you moved away from your old neighborhood or if your school closed down. If you want to have a copy again of your certificate, it is easy enough to buy a new one.

Novelty Diploma

Another reason people like to buy a fake high school diploma is because they want its novelty. For instance, you have never gone to high school but wanted the experience of having your own diploma. You also want a diploma to display at home, so you thought of faking a high school diploma.

It is not a problem if the purpose of your diploma is personal. It is perfectly alright just to use the diploma as a display, even as a bragging tool, perhaps. As long as you are not hurting anybody, a fake high school diploma is not an issue. We definitely recommend you get a fake high school diploma for this purpose.

Is a Fake High School Diploma Illegal?

When is a fake high school diploma a problem? Is it illegal or not? The answer is no. Fake diplomas are perfectly legal because no law says otherwise. So yes, you can fake your high school diploma.

However, there is a major exception to this.

If you use fake high school diplomas as official documents to get into school or apply for a job, this is considered fraud. Depending on the severity of your crime and the state you’re in, you could face severe punishment for this.

This is why it’s never recommended to use a fake diploma to get something out of it, whether a college degree or otherwise. Instead, if you don’t have a diploma, you can get a general educational development (GED) diploma or take a test that can be used as a diploma equivalent.

How to Order a Fake High School Diploma

If you don’t intend to use the high school diploma to get into a university or apply for a job, we encourage you to get a fake certificate. It is not a problem if you do and it will be a great way to replace your lost one. With that said, you can follow the steps below to order a fake high school diploma.

1.    Contact a Fake High School Diploma Maker

Start by looking for a fake high school diploma maker who can provide you with their services. You can usually find such services online. The version of the diploma that you order can be from any school of your choice unless you want a replacement of your old certificate. Either way, you still want a certification that is near authentic.

Because of this, you’ll want to evaluate the maker’s reputation before ordering from them. Anyone can print out a piece of paper, but a real-looking one takes an authentic service. It’s best to look not only at their website, but also what reviewers are saying about them so you can evaluate if their claims are true.

2.    Make Your Order

Once you are done researching the fake diploma maker and have decided they are great, you can now make your order. You need to specify the custom design of the high school diploma you need or use the templates available. In any case, you need to provide a few details to complete the fake diploma, including your name, high school, location, and more.

These details are necessary to create a fake diploma as authentic-looking as possible.

If you don’t have a diploma at all, you can provide such information from whatever school you want so that you can be a “graduate” of your school of choice.

3.    Wait for Your Fake Diploma

You have now successfully made your order. All you need to do now is wait as the online diploma maker creates your fake diploma. Most diploma makers like us can deliver the document within 24 hours or less. We will send you a sample for verification before we go ahead and print the certificate.


In summary, no, it is not illegal to use a fake diploma as long as you don’t use it as an official document to deceive people -- for work or school, for example. If it is only for personal use, such as a display, then by all means go ahead. Visit our website and get a fake high school diploma from our expert diploma makers.


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