Lost High School Diploma? How to Get Replacement Diplomas

Are you looking for replacement diplomas? Do you need your records mailed to you as fast as possible?

Let's face it, most jobs and colleges require your previous experience as a student or as a former employee. That said, a diploma or transcript can sometimes be the deciding factor between you and your next step in life. 

Want to take the next step?

If you're interested in replacing your lost college diploma or transcripts, keep reading for the tips you need. 

How to Receive Replacement Diplomas 

If you're searching for a replacement diploma chances are contacting your former school is slightly challenging. It's apparent to you and most students that your diploma is the key to continuing education and receiving financial aid. To grind through these problems it's important you follow the common process of obtaining your diploma before trying anything else. 

Points of Contact 

Your former school registrar maintains student personal records and works as a relay between administration and faculty. It's a good idea to contact your former school registrar as soon as you need to replace your diploma. However, a lost college diploma may be buried beneath levels of administration. 

In this case, it's possible for you to contact the dean of students or the highest authority at your former college. If you're in a hurry and cannot wait for a response from the dean or registrar, attempt digging through the school website to find document services. 


Before you dive too deep into recovering your records, figure out the exact documents you'll need from your former school. If you have an employer that requires a transcript but will except an example of your academic achievement, choose whatever fits that bill the best. Likewise, it's important that you understand the core differences in the need for documentation. 

For example, transcripts give a sequential picture of your academics. By supplying your transcript you can prove your commitment and interest in subjects and topic clusters. This can sway employers and other institutions toward trusting your character and intelligence. 

A diploma is more of a milestone that proves you made it up a large rung of education. A high school diploma will prove your baseline skill and ability while a college diploma shows more candor and commitment. 

In both cases, it's important that you know which forms stand a better chance of raising your odds for getting into a school or landing a job. 

The Path 

If you're trying to get a copy of your diploma it's key you start with research, contacts, then personal information. Before you start gathering your identifications and letters of recommendation it's key that you research what documents you need and why. Once you've done this, you can move onto organizing a list of the people you need to contact. 

The next and potentially most important step is making sure you have all the right proof of eligibility for getting your diploma or transcript. For instance, your college might require you to bring a reference or school ID to prove you are a former student. You can figure out exactly what you need to bring by contacting your schools ahead of time. 

Once you've arranged your meetings and have the right identification behind you, it's time to figure out the options and caveats ahead of you. 

Other Options

Students have alternative options for obtaining their transcripts. These options rarely apply to get your diploma. 

If your school uses an online portal you can sometimes access your transcript from there. It's possible to find a copy of your transcript - anticipate a delay - from any portal or direct college account. 

In other cases, using a transcript request form will automatically put you in a queue for receiving your records. This works for some public colleges and universities. That said if your education was private be prepared for some resistance. 

Of course, one of your other options is to find replacement services online. You can use these services as a funnel to get your papers faster. Furthermore, if you're simply looking for a novelty version of a diploma these services specialize in entertainment-based printouts. 

Lastly, it's important that you plan ahead for delays when waiting for your records. You can expect almost all transcripts and diplomas to arrive later than intended. However, certain same-day delivery services can get you past this hump. 

Get Your Records From A Source You Can Trust

Are you unable to find legit replacement diplomas? It can be embarrassing to have lost something so historical and personal. This is one reason why it's important that you read this post. 

Another is that you can land the job you wanted or get into the school of your dreams with the assistance of a transcript or diploma. Want to get to that better place in your life right now?


After reading this post it has to be clear how important your transcripts and diplomas can be. After all, your schools keep these records on file as proof of your achievements. 

Up to now, you've learned about the best people to contact to get your records back. You also learned about the hardest and easiest things to do during this process. Now it's time you're given a break. 

You can get your school records mailed your way instantly. Hurry before it's too late and get your quick and easy replacement diplomas process finished with. Simply find the document you need and get it mailed today


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