Can You Change the Name on Your Diploma?


You've dreamed of this day since you were an eager high school senior preparing for your first year of undergrad. You've landed your dream job, and your first act in your new office is to hang your hard-earned college diploma on the wall so everyone can see your accomplishment. You have a gorgeous frame and the perfect spot, but—oh, no. 

That's not your name!

What should you do when your diploma name isn't the name you use professionally? There are plenty of reasons why the name on your diploma might be incorrect, ranging from marriage, to typos, to transitions. To avoid embarrassment or awkward conversations, you need a new diploma fast. 

Changing the name on a degree can be stressful, but we're ready to help demystify the process. We've created this guide to explain how you can get a name change on your diploma. 

Read on to learn about your options when dealing with a misspelled diploma name or name change.

Option #1: Contact Your School

We'll admit that the first option can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Larger schools often use automated online systems for reissuing diplomas, which can be confusing and impersonal. Smaller schools sometimes require you to hand in paperwork in person, which can be impossible if you live in a different state or country. 

Here are the steps to take if you'd like an official diploma from your college or university. 

Start Online

The first step is to visit your school's website. Navigate to the office of the registrar's page. There may be a link to an automated diploma request service. If so, follow the link and read all of the instructions carefully.

The automated service will probably require you to scan, fax, or mail paperwork. You might have to request confirmation from your school, which can take several weeks. 

Unfortunately, nobody from your college or university can help you with this process. If you have questions or issues, you will need to use the customer service provided by the company.

If your school does not use a service, find the phone number for the registrar's office on your school's website and speak to someone yourself. 

Contact the Registrar's Office

The representative from the registrar's office will most likely request documents that prove you have legally changed your name. If you don't have official documentation, your attempt might end here. This requirement is particularly frustrating for individuals who are socially transitioning and may be trying to establish their new identity in a professional setting. 

If you do have this paperwork, be sure to make several copies and keep them in a safe place. If you don't have the paperwork but can acquire it, you might need to put in a request with local government agencies. For example, you can request proof of name change documentation from your country or local supreme court.

Documents you might need include:

  • An official marriage certificate
  • Certified divorce decree
  • An updated birth certificate
  • Documentation of court-ordered name change
  • Proof of naturalization 
  • Social security card
  • Passport
  • A state-issued ID or driver's license 

Your school's office may ask you to fax, scan, mail, or even hand-deliver this paperwork. You will also need to fill out a change of name request. Get information for a contact person who can confirm receipt of these documents. 

Individuals who request a new diploma directly from their school typically wait about six to eight weeks for an updated certificate. If you haven't received it within two months, reach out and ask about your status. 

Option #2: Order an Attractive Fake Diploma

Your school will not issue you a new diploma without the correct legal documentation. Those who do not have this documentation or cannot get it will need to find another option. 

Even the official process can be long and expensive. The process can take months between requesting legal documents, traveling out of state to deliver paperwork, and waiting for a replacement. You might need your diploma sooner or prefer not to jump through the complex hoops. 

In that case, you can efficiently order an attractive fake diploma from Same Day Diploma. Although it will not be an "official" diploma, it will be a professional document that you can proudly display in an office or at a reunion. Most importantly, it can feature any name you want, even if your name change is not official. 

If you need it quickly, Same Day Diploma offers a print-at-home option. One of our designers will create a professional document and email it to you as a PDF file. You can print as many copies as you like on the spot. 

You can also request a hard copy of your new diploma by mail. When you check out, indicate whether you'd like a hard copy, a PDF copy, or both. You won't need to wait six to eight weeks for your new document to arrive. 

A fake diploma is also a great temporary option while you wait for your official name change to go through. They make ideal gifts for individuals in transition. They are the no-fuss, no-stress way to see your true name in its place of honor. 

The Right Diploma Name Matters

You worked hard for years to earn your diploma, so why would you settle for the incorrect diploma name? Showing the world your correct name can help you step confidently into a professional role. You deserve a diploma that reflects who you really are. 

If you don't want to jump through hoops or can't wait weeks for a new official diploma, Same Day Diplomas is ready to help. You can have your new certificate mailed or emailed to you as a PDF, nearly eliminating frustrating wait time.

Explore our selection of professional-looking replacement diplomas and make the change today. 

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