Can I Order My High School Diploma Online? Yes! Here's How

Are you looking for ways to get your hands on your high school diploma? Do you want a second copy of your diploma so that you can hang it in your room or office? If so, then you need to learn all about how to order a high school diploma online.

Doing so will help you get your hands on the diploma that you want the right way. It's all about finding a diploma maker that goes about things the right way.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to order your high school diploma if you've lost it or wish to have a second copy.

1. Find a Trustworthy Diploma Maker

There are many different diploma makers that you'll come across online. However, the key is learning how you can order your high school diploma from a reputable source.

First, let's clarify one thing: you are not to use a high school diploma, college diploma, or any other transcript that you haven't completed to try and get a job. That's illegal. 

That said, a diploma maker can be used to help you get a second copy of your diploma(s), as well as be a great gift for an inside joke. Find a diploma maker that encourages you to go about the process legally.

When looking around for diploma makers online, make sure you find someone that offers high school and college/university transcripts. Find one that can customize the diploma to fit your exact specifications.

You'll want to make it as close to the real thing as possible, so be sure to have an actual copy of your high school diploma (yours or a friend's) to customize it the right way. Otherwise, your result might look generic and fake. 

Lastly, search for a diploma maker that can offer you same-day digital files in a PDF format. That way, you can get your hands on the high school diploma that much quicker.

2. Choose Your Design

First things first, once you find a diploma maker you can trust, it's time to start the design process by choosing the design template that you want.

As we mentioned before, it's always helpful to have a copy of the true diploma to reference while you make the new design. If you've lost yours, ask a friend from high school to borrow theirs.

Generally, most high schools use one of five templates to design their diplomas. A high-quality diploma maker should offer them all, thus getting you as close to the original as possible.

3. Enter in Information

When you go to order your high school diploma, there are a few essential pieces of information to have nearby. 

You will need the full name of your school, the city, state, and county where the high school is located, your name, and the date of graduation.

Make sure to double-check to ensure that you've spelled everything correctly. You don't want to purchase a copy of your high school diploma, then discover that "Monmouthe High School" is really spelled "Monmouth High School."

After you've typed all this information into the fields provided, make sure to double-check for any typos. Once you hit "purchase", there's no going back!

4. Choose the Correct Size

This is crucial. Far too many people choose the incorrect size for their diploma, they aren't able to fit it into the padded folder they were given at graduation. It can also make it increasingly difficult to find a frame to fit it in. 

Take some time to measure your high school diploma before you order the size. To measure it, lay it landscape on a table, then grab a tape measure. Measure the height of the document (up and down), as well as the width (left to right).

When you select the size, it's important to know that they're listed by height x width. So, for example, if your diploma measure 8.5 inches high and 11 inches wide, you would order an "8.5x11".

5. Create Finishing Touches

There are some people that order copies of their high school diploma through an online diploma maker, then realize the copy looks fake compared to the original.

A big reason for this is that not all diploma makers offer additional features like adding seals and emblems to the document. Make sure that's an option for the diploma maker you go through.

On our site, you can choose between a gold foil state emblem or a color ink state emblem to reach the desired aesthetic. 

For additional customization, you can either choose to add a signature or leave it blank, as well as purchase a padded folder to place your diploma in.

6. Choose Your Delivery Options

To ensure we meet your every need, we offer a few different ways for you to order your high school diploma through our site. 

You can choose to either have us mail you a hard copy, email a digital copy, or both. We highly recommend that you order a hard copy through us to ensure high quality. It's hard to emulate a gold state emblem with your home printer.

However, the digital copy is nice to have as well, so that you can easily print off a new copy if you were to misplace your diploma again.

Order Your High School Diploma Online Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to order a high school diploma online and get a great quality result, be sure to use this information wisely.

Be sure to read this article on our site for more information on what you can and can't do with a fake diploma.

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