Legality Facts: What You Can and Can't Do With a Fake Diploma

Getting a diploma is a highlight in many people's lives. With a diploma, people will take you more seriously, and there is a possibility of getting better jobs.

What about a fake diploma? You cannot use a fake diploma in the same ways you use a real diploma. If you do, there is the possibility that you are committing fraud. However, you can use a fake diploma for real reasons.

Keep reading to learn what you can and can't do with a fake diploma. 

What You Can Do

Buying from a fake diploma maker and owning a fake diploma is not illegal. As long as you are not using the copy of that diploma fraudulently, you should not find yourself in legal trouble.

Here are some reasons why someone might need a fake diploma. 

Replace a Lost High School Diploma

One of the most common reasons people get a fake diploma is because they lost their own one. A lost high school diploma can be replaced by the high school you graduated from. Sometimes, however, replacing your lost diploma with a real one is difficult.

If you want to buy a high school diploma to remember the days you went to school, getting a fake diploma would work. Buying a high school diploma and getting it framed to post on your wall at home is completely okay. 

For Motivation

Another way to legally use a fake diploma is for your own self-confidence. For example, say you are struggling in college and are close to giving up and dropping out. Buying a fake diploma could be the motivation to push you to continue your education.

You can use a fake certificate in the same way as long as you are not promoting that the certificate is authentic. 

Using a Fake Diploma as a Prop

The fake diploma can also be used as a prop, which is not illegal. For example, a production group can use a fake diploma for a scene in a play. This is completely legal because they are not fraudulently promoting the diploma.  

If you are using the fake diploma as a novelty or entertainment, you will not find yourself in legal trouble. However, fake diplomas become illegal when you try to pass them off as real

What You Can't Do

Having a fake diploma in your possession is fine. However, trying to pass it off as real is a fraud, and you can face legal trouble if the truth is revealed.

Anything fraudulent is also unethical. Close friends and family would question the judgment of someone who used a fake diploma unethically. 

Here are some ways you should not use a fake diploma. 

Using a Fake Diploma to Get a Job

It makes sense to use a fake diploma if you lost your old one and cannot receive a new one at a reasonable time. Just buy a copy of your diploma and give it to your potential boss, easy, right? However, it might not be a good idea to apply for a job you do qualify for using a fake diploma.

As a job applicant, you want to be truthful, and giving a fake diploma to your potential boss is not being truthful. If your boss finds out, you could be seen as untrustworthy and could risk losing your job.  

Faking a diploma to get a job is usually figured out by the employer. During an interview, the employer may ask questions experienced degree holders would know. If the job applicant is unable to answer the questions, the employer may become suspicious. 

Many employers do research the job applicants before proceeding to the interviewing process. This way, employers will know that everything the applicant claims is authentic. 

If you do not have the credentials and use a fake diploma to get a job, you could find yourself in some serious legal trouble. Not only is it unethical to use a fake diploma to get a job, but it is also considered fraud. 

Performing Services Without the Qualifications

Someone performing services without the qualifications necessary and using a fake certificate or diploma is committing a crime. 

Various situations can lead to legal ramifications if you perform services with a fake certificate. A person performing dentistry without the qualifications and certificates is breaking the law. If the unqualified provider hurts a deceived customer, they could find themselves in serious legal trouble.

If a restaurant owner lies to their customers about where they went to college, they are fraudulently promoting achievements they have not received. While the restaurant owner might not find themselves in legal trouble, they could lose loyal customers who learned that they were lied to.   

Receiving Services Without the Qualifications

It is unethical to use a fake diploma or certificate to receive services you are not qualified for. You are taking away from the people who need and deserve the services you are receiving.   

If caught, you will taint your public image because you lied and stole an opportunity away from other, more deserving people. Getting caught can also mean that you will be arrested for committing crimes while using a fake diploma.  

More Information on Getting a Fake Diploma

It would be best if you always researched whether your purpose for the fake diploma is legal or not. You should also ask the others around you if it would be appropriate to use a copy of the diploma. 

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