7 Factors to Consider Before Getting Replica Diplomas

There's a reason that being a student is considered an occupation: It's hard work! You spend years of your life working for a piece of paper.

But what happens if that paper goes missing? Or you just barely miss graduation because of a technicality? Does that mean you've wasted the last several years of your life?

Luckily, you have options. A replica diploma can help you replace a damaged diploma or provide you with a physical reminder of your hard work. Plus, people with diplomas earn significantly more than those without. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for replica diplomas. Here are seven of the most important things to think about when it comes to finding the right diploma for you.

1. Is It Legal?

Many people are concerned that purchasing a replica diploma will get them in trouble with the law. But the truth is a bit more complicated than that!

When it comes to purchasing a replica diploma, you're in the clear. The process is entirely legal.

Legality only comes into question after you've received your diploma. The legal risks you may encounter are entirely dependent on how you choose to use that diploma.

For example, purchasing a replica diploma to hang on your living room wall is completely legal. Using that diploma to apply for a job, however, is fraudulent.

The legality varies from situation to situation, but rest assured: purchasing the diploma is entirely legal.

2. Quality of the Product

One of the first concerns on any shopper's mind, regardless of product, is craftmanship. Buying diplomas online can rack up a bill, so it's important to know that you're getting what you paid for. 

If you could print your diploma at home, no one would bother paying for them online. But creating a diploma that looks real is much more complicated than that!

You should only consider fake diploma providers that use high-quality paper, authentic seals, and professional embossing techniques. 

3. Turnaround Time

Some people purchase diplomas for sentimental reasons, but others need rapid access to a high-quality replica diploma. For example, if you've lost your diploma and need to replace it quickly, you'll likely want your diploma to ship as soon as possible. 

Regardless of why you're purchasing a diploma, no one wants to wait forever to receive what they ordered. That's why it's important to investigate a company's turnaround time before investing in a replica diploma.

Additionally, it's worth considering where your diploma will ship from. If it ships from out of the country, be prepared to wait a few weeks before receiving it. 

4. Price

When looking into a replica diploma, you'll also likely want to consider the cost. Your fake diploma budget should be somewhere between $50 and $200, depending on how specific you want to get with the retailer.

For example, if you want a diploma that matches exactly with other diplomas from the same school or program, you'll need to send in an example and can expect to pay more than you would for a generic diploma. 

Some diplomas can also be combined with replica transcripts for an additional charge.

5. Customer Service

Even if you're on a budget, it's important that you don't skimp out on the important aspects of a replica diploma provider. 

This is especially important when it comes to customizing your diploma. To get a diploma that is truly identical to an original, you'll likely need to do some communicating with the company.

That's why it's so important to choose a company with great customer service so that you can speak to an expert directly about your personal diploma needs.

6. Privacy Concerns

To make your diploma, fake diploma providers need some of your personal information.

A lot of this information is used to verify your purchase. (This would include things like emails, addresses, and telephone numbers.) Other pieces of information (like your name and alma mater) are used to create the diploma itself.

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to any online shopper. The FTC has been working for years to ensure that consumers' rights to privacy are upheld, even in an age where it's easier than ever to steal someone's identity. 

So, when buying diplomas online, it's important to research whether or not your privacy is at risk by doing so.

One reliable way to do this is to look at reviews of a website. If other customers are having good luck with their diplomas, it's likely that you will too. (Make sure to watch out for fake reviews!)

7. Payment Method Safety

Coming hand-in-hand with privacy protection is payment method safety. You want to make sure that you're able to pay for your replica diploma safely, without risking identity theft or fraud. 

So how can you ensure safe payment? One way to do so is by using a third-party service like PayPal or Apple Pay to put one more step between your bank account and the vendor's wallet. This can help identify, isolate, and prevent attempts at fraud before they start. 

Replica Diplomas: Are They Worth It?

There are so many reasons to invest in replica diplomas.

Maybe you have the skills for a job, but not the technical qualifications. Maybe you lost your degree or it became damaged. Maybe you just need a bit of a confidence boost. 

No matter the reason, a replica diploma can offer many different perks to the customer and are obtainable through fully legal transactions. Request a custom quote today to get started!

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