Fake Transcript Maker: Same Day Diplomas

A fake transcript maker allows you to create personalized transcripts for school, college, and other academic institutions. It has multiple options for customizability, such as design, fonts, and overall ability to adjust grades and courses. You can make the appearance even more authentic by applying official-looking seals or signatures. A transcript maker can serve you well, whether it be for your own records or academic/professional needs. At Same Day Diplomas, we help you with fake college transcripts that mirror those from any institution. These transcripts cover a variety of areas ensuring the overall integrity and validity of your document.

What Types of Transcripts Do Transcript Makers Create?

Transcript makers excel at creating detailed records for all levels of education. Whether you need a fake college transcript that mirrors your actual achievements, or just a fake academic transcript that is official-looking and serves a professional purpose. At Same Day Diplomas, we tend to the following:

High School Transcripts

Get a custom copy of your high school transcript. It will include all your courses, grades, and achievements. This will make it different from the original but still perfect for safekeeping or using


Associate’s & Two-Year Degrees

You can get an accurate transcript if you have completed programs at community colleges or trade schools. The transcript will mirror your degrees and achievements throughout your tenure.



As for undergrads, our transcripts will reflect your entire college experience authentically. You’ll see your courses, grades, and semesters entered accurately.


Masters & Doctoral Programs

For graduates requiring detailed records, our transcripts will capture your academic progress and achievements aptly. This will include your grades, semesters, courses, accomplishments, and research.


At Same Day Diplomas, we're committed to creating transcripts that meet your specific needs. We ensure each document looks as professional and authentic as possible.

What Are Fake Transcripts Used For?

Fake transcripts can be helpful in a variety of situations. These include:

Personal Transcript Copies

For starters, it saves you the fuss of creating personal copies of your original transcript. Instead, you can just generate a professional looking fake academic transcript. This allows you to save the original document and utilize the transcript wherever you need to present your academic achievements. 

Novelty Uses:

At Same Day Diplomas, we fulfil your novelty purposes with our transcripts. If you want unique gifts for your beloved people, or even for your own amusement, you can count on our fake transcripts. 

Enhanced Authenticity:

Oftentimes, original documents have unclear signatures or seals. Our transcripts allow you the chance to add realistic seals and signatures, ensuring the transcript closely resembles the original. 

A professional transcript maker can help you out in multiple ways. Whether you need an authentic-looking document for professional uses, or a novelty item for yourself or close friends, Same Day Diplomas has you covered.

When Not to Use a Transcript Maker

While the temptation is understandable, it is highly discouraged to attempt unethical use of transcripts. It is not only illegal but holds severe consequences. These include:

  • Illegal Employment: It’s highly unlikely that you can score an academic job with fake transcripts. Even if you do, it is unlawful and will lead to severe legal repercussions when caught.
  • Application Rejection: Admission faculty often have knowledge of fake practices and it is highly unlikely you’ll get admitted with a fake transcript. They have meticulous verification procedures that might end leaving you on the banned students list.  
  • Legal Consequences for Fraud: Misrepresenting your academic achievements is considered fraud, a grave offense that could lead to legal actions, including fraud charges.
  • Damaged Reputation: The use of a fake transcript can severely damage your personal and professional reputation. The trust once lost is really hard to ever get back.

Cost of a Custom Transcript

Creating a high-class transcript requires proven expertise. You can’t just go ahead and create a fake transcript. There needs to be a level of professionalism reflected in the transcript. At Same Day Diploma, our team digs out every institution’s specific layout, fonts, seal, and requirements that allow them to create perfect physical copies. The prices can vary based on these factors, but usually over around $50-60 for the basic version.

Here’s what Same Day Diplomas has in store for you:

  • Seal Options: Choose from flat-ink, raised metallic, or multiple seals for your transcript.
  • Signature Options: Opt for authentic signatures from individuals associated with your graduation period or select from a variety of stock signatures.
  • Format Choices: Decide between a hard copy or a digital version of your transcript.

We provide a bespoke service. Our transcripts cater to each and every one of your needs and ensure that you get a fake transcript worth framing.

Fast Delivery

We get how crucial fast service is. You can download a digital version of the transcript soon after the order. This will ensure you have quick access to it.

Great Customer Support

Your happiness is our top priority. Our friendly team is here to help every step of the way. Got questions or need help? Just give us a call at

1-(917) 924-5972.

Fully Customized

We allow full customization, as per your needs. You can choose the styles or template that you like, or manually customize them so we can make the perfect fake college transcript for you. We always love to hear any special ideas you might have.

Can You Get Specialty Transcripts?

Yes, you can! Whether it's a unique certificate, a professional degree, or a transcript from an international school, we've got you covered. Unlike others, we don't just stick to the basics. Here's what we can do:

  • Professional degrees, for example, a Doctor of Musical Arts
  • Transcripts from schools and colleges around the globe

Taking Care of Your Transcript

It’s crucial that you keep your transcript fresh as ever. Here's how:

  • Keep it in a safe, dry spot to avoid any damage or discoloration.
  • Be gentle with it. Avoid bending or putting it near anything that could scratch or stain.
  • Keep it out of the sun to prevent fading.
  • Think about framing it. Not only does it protect your transcript, but it also looks great on your wall.
  • If you need to move it, be careful and use a protective case or folder.

These simple steps will help keep your transcript looking great for a long time.

Why Choose Us Over Generic Transcript Makers

We hate the word generic, and stay away from anything that qualifies. We pay attention to the details. Nothing escapes our process, from the seal designs to the fonts and even the signatures. At Same Day Diplomas, you get the transcript that does justice to your achievements.