Degrees, diplomas, and transcripts are academic documents that indicate you have graduated from a secondary school or an institution of higher learning. Sometimes, you may need to get a copy of these documents for a job or for other purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the different situations where you might need to get these documents.

College Diplomas

College diplomas indicate that you graduated from a two-year institution (associate’s degree or vocational degree), a four-year institution (a Bacheor of Arts or a Bachelors of Science degree), or graduate school (a Masters of Science or Art degree or a Doctorate of Philosophy degree). A diploma testifies to your completion of a degree.

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College Transcripts

College transcripts provide detailed information about your course of study, your performance at school, and the number of credits that you have completed. A transcript will indicate your grades as well as your GPA, which is your grades computed into your credit hours. Employers will often ask for a copy of your transcripts for certain types of jobs.

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High School Diplomas and GEDs

A GED stands for “General Equivalency Diploma” or “Graduate Equivalency Degree.” It indicates that you completed a level of high school education, but might have been homsechooled or completed your high school education in a nontraditional way.

A high school diploma certifies that you completed the prescribed course of study set forth by your school district’s Board of Education. Most of the time, you won’t need to present your high school diploma for a job. On occasion, an employer may ask for a copy of your GED.

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High School Transcripts

Your GED and high school transcripts will show how well you did in your courses, the number of credit hours you took, and information from the granting school or authority. A GED transcript will indicate your subject areas, the test form that you took, and whether you passed or not. Transcripts are used for some jobs and when you are applying for trade school, vocational school, or undergraduate study.

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