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We provide authentic-looking college and university degrees, diplomas, and transcripts in Canada. 

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Have you lost your original diploma from college or university? Are you looking for an authentic-looking transcript? It's time to get your diploma today!

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Honest & Instant Support

At Same-Day Diplomas, we pride ourselves on our honest and quick response times. We make sure all of our customers are taken care of and get what they need and deserve. 

We don't provide telephone support as this takes longer. 

By using chat and text with a live person, we can help people faster. 

You can contact us from 9 to 4pm in Eastern Time, USA by live chat, text, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.


Our replacement diplomas, degrees, and transcripts are the best quality products. We pride ourselves on providing the best replacement diplomas. 

You can rest assured you will get an authentic-looking product.

Simple Guaranteed Delivery

We make our delivery service simple by offering three options. This includes a digital email file, a hardcopy printed and mailed to your address or you can have it by email and mailed as well.

How We Work

1. Contact Us

Contact us by message, WhatsApp, or live chat. 

2. Order A Sample

If you are unsure whether to order, you can order a sample. We can show you examples of what we have for your school. Simply fill in a request form online.

3. Order With Us

Once you have decided what you want, place an order online.

4. Get Your Diploma

Once your order is made, we will deliver this to you from one of the three delivery options you chose. This includes a digital file by email, a hardcopy by mail, or receiving both a digital and hardcopy of a diploma.

We Are Your Number One Choice For Replacement Diplomas In Canada

Since 2001, Same Day Diplomas has been the fastest and most reliable company for providing replacement diplomas and transcripts. 

Our trust and transparency go a long way with our customers. You can rest assured you will be receiving the best replacement with Same Day Diplomas.

How Much Does Same Day Diplomas Cost?

The price of our replacement diplomas or transcripts is dependant on what you require. For a college and university match diploma from Canada, this costs $180. 

For a college university match diploma and stock transcripts, this costs $255.

For a college university transcript, this costs $145.

For a college & university match diploma, degree, and match transcripts, this costs $550.

Delivery to Canada is dependent on the type you want, with the cheapest being 8-11 business days for $35.

Our Guarantee

We are confident you will be happy with your replacement diploma, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are unhappy, contact us and we will help to meet your needs.

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We are your number one choice for replacement diplomas and transcripts in Canada.

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