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Buy High School and Secondary School Diplomas and Transcripts. Professionally designed and made to order just for you from any state or country. Many designs to choose from! If you don't see a design that works for you please contact us. 

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Same Day Diplomas offers you replacement high school diplomas and transcripts. You can use these for a plethora of different purposes. We offer these for jobs, promotions, and for your personal records. They are also appropriate for novelty use. Let's take a look at what you can expect from Same Day Diplomas when you order replacement high school diplomas and transcripts.

Why Do You Need a Replacement High School Diploma or Transcript? 

Over the years, the average person will lose their high school transcript two to three times. People will need their graduating documents replaced for a wide variety of different reasons:

  • - Their original graduating documents were lost or damaged.
  • - An employer needed access to a quick copy of their transcripts and the educational institution could not reprint it in time.
  • - People want a copy of their transcript for their personal records.

Benefits of Ordering a Replacement High School Diploma or Transcript

When you order a replacement transcript or diploma from Same Day Diplomas, we make it super easy to get the right combination of documents you need. You can order a diploma, a transcript, or a combination of the two. We let you:

  • - Include all the right personal identifying information.
  • - Include other information that you might need (such as letter grades for each course that you took).
  • - Include the GPA.
  • - Review the diploma or transcript before we send it to you (at a small added cost).

We also offer diplomas and transcripts from secondary schools in Canada and Puerto Rico. All of our transcripts and diplomas are for personal use only. 

Replacement High School Transcripts 

Your replacement high school or secondary transcript will look just like the one that you received when you graduated. It will include your courses, your graduating date, and information about the granting institution. All of our replacement high school and secondary school transcripts will show the number of credits you have, your GPA, and information about your credits and hours for each course. Replacement high school transcripts are available for the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Replacement High School and Secondary School Diplomas

The actual copy of your diploma is not as detailed as your high school transcripts. You may want a replacement diploma for a wide variety of different reasons. You might need a replacement diploma for a job, for your personal records, or to frame and hang on your wall. All of our replacement diplomas are eloquently designed and can be designed for most high schools and secondary schools in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

Why Get Personal Diplomas and Transcripts from Same Day Diplomas? 

Same Day Diplomas will get started on your order within 24 hours. All of our transcripts and diplomas are designed for personal use, but look authentic. Same Day Diplomas also has different payment options available for you so that you can pay for your documents over time if you need to.