Why You Should Choose Same Day Diplomas for Your Novelty and Replacement Documents

Same Day Diplomas is the fastest and most reliable source for your diploma and transcript needs. Unlike competitors, we use a team of human designers to create the documents you need. You might be wondering in what circumstances would you ever need a novelty or replacement certificate.

Why Would You Need A Fake Diploma?

In the United States, just sixty percent of people who start with the intention of earning a bachelor's degree do so. Congratulations are in order if you have completed your education and graduated from college!

There are many reasons why you might want to get a fake diploma, even though you may or may not have graduated from the institution in question. And many of these explanations have their foundations firmly planted in reality! That way, you won't have to stress about engaging in behavior that could get you into legal trouble.

Are you intrigued and eager to learn more? Here is a list of seven creative applications for a novelty diploma that you might find interesting. It's possible that some of these things will surprise you.

Prank Someone

Do you have an insufferable brother-in-law who is constantly bragging about the fact that he attended Cornell? Do you feel like embarrassing him with a practical joke to show him who the boss is? If that's the case, a phony degree is your best bet for getting the job done.

You can get one printed so realistically that he won't be able to tell the difference between the actual one and the fake one. When he comes over the next time, pull out your "degree" and casually mention that you graduated from the same university but failed to say it. If you want to put him on the spot, add that you graduated with high honors and watch the steam come out of his ears.

Obviously, this is just one example of the many other ways that you might play a joke on someone. Feel free to let your imagination go wild to create some truly original scenarios.

Distribute the Awards to the Group

It is essential for teams, particularly those working together, to maintain positive morale. What could be a more fitting method to do it than holding an awards ceremony that acknowledges each person's contributions to the overall picture?

If you're familiar with the show "The Office," then you probably know who The Dundies are. The office staff would get together at a Chili's restaurant nearby, have a fantastic time eating and drinking, and then watch as their manager handed out humorous prizes. You probably have guessed that this helps raise one's spirits, but just in case:

Put on your rendition of The Dundies for your office, sports team, volunteer organization, or any other group you belong to. Not only will each individual feel more motivated after receiving a one-of-a-kind award, but they will also feel more special when you do so. An example of such an award would be graduating from “Perfectionist University with a bachelor's degree in Organization”.

Give As Sentimental Gifts

This is a more serious spin on the idea presented in number two, which is really the same idea. Do you have a significant other in your life who has a place of high importance in your heart? Do you want them to understand how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them? Then you should award them a fake diploma!

For the following Mother's Day, you might, for instance, offer your mother, a bogus certificate that claims she graduated with a degree in Caring and Love from Mom University. You may do this in honor of Mother's Day. There is no other approach that can do a better job of conveying to your mother how much you value and appreciate her.

Make Use Of In Photographs And Videos By Using Them As Props

It doesn't matter if you're an amateur taking photos or producing a video or a professional photographer or filmmaker; you don't want to use actual degrees as props in your shots. It is possible for anything to go wrong, such as a glass of water accidentally overflowing, the model or actor accidentally ripping or damaging the degree, or the paper becoming unusable after ten takes.

Using a phony one you drew up in Photoshop and printed won't work very well either, so don't bother with that. People in this day and age have developed a keen interest in scrutinizing every aspect of the images and films they come across, and as a result, they will be able to spot a forgery from a mile away.

A novelty diploma that has been well crafted can look almost identical to an actual certificate, fooling everyone who sees it into thinking it's the real deal. In this approach, people will pay more attention to the content conveyed by your art rather than being distracted by the accessories you use.

Exhibit at Your Place of Business

The pursuit of your degree requires a significant investment of not only your time but also your energy and, not to mention, your financial resources. Do you want to risk damaging your legitimate degree by displaying it in your office, where it could be seen by customers? In addition to the possibility that a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, may occur, the sun's ultraviolet rays may also, over time, cause harm to your degree.

Even while we know that you are very proud of what you've accomplished, we strongly advise that you keep the actual copy of your degree locked up in a container resistant to fire. You can then put your novelty certificate in a frame and display it to continue to brag about the fact that you graduated from a prestigious university.

Perk Up Your Friends

If you have pals who are having difficulty in college and are contemplating dropping out, a novelty certificate may be just the pick-me-up that they need to keep going. When people have a clear picture of what their lives could look like in the future, it won't feel as impossible for them to achieve this objective. They will fight and put in a lot of effort to get their hands on the actual paper.

Put It to Use as a Substitute

It's possible that you've misplaced your diploma, or perhaps you're just waiting for it to be mailed to you now that you've recently graduated. On the other hand, you cannot wait to show off your diploma proudly.

You may try getting a novelty diploma instead as a stand-in, seeing how they are easy to make and can be delivered to you shortly. You won't have to worry about leaving space on your wall if you do it this way!

Guaranteed Services by Same Day Diplomas

Do you want to purchase a novelty degree that you may use for one of the purposes described above? Then check out the options we have right now.

Grade School Diplomas

You can purchase your diplomas and transcripts with a delivery guarantee. Here you can get replacement diplomas, transcripts, or whole sets. If you want to have a particular design manufactured, we even have an option for a matching GED certificate accessible for you to choose the perfect one. We are prompt and precise, and we will see that your requirements are met!

  • GEDs
  • High School
  • Home School

College and University Diplomas

College and university certificates and transcripts from degrees earned in the United States appear authentic. In addition, we take requests for replica matches! Please contact us if there is something specific you are seeking but cannot find on our site. We serve other countries as well.


You can shop straight here for transcripts for your GED, high school, college, or university. Transcripts, both official and unofficial, as well as partial transcripts, diploma supplements, academic records, grade sheets, and score sheets, as well as other documents.

Certificates and other Formal Accomplishments

There is a Large Selection of Replacement Certificates and Qualifications Available! TAFE, Cooks Red Seal, GCSE, Coaching, Teaching, Personal Training, Achievement, NVQ, DELTA, CELTA, TESOL, IELTS, ESOL, and dozens of other languages and certifications from all around the world!

If you do not see what you require, you may be sure that we can produce it; therefore, please get in touch with us so we can include it!


Buy a degree at any level: Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctor of Philosophy! We have earned a reputation for quickly replacing your degree.

Diploma Covers

The authentic padded diploma & certificate folders and covers are the perfect accents to your academic diploma or certificate for a nice look, feel, and protection. Available in 5 colors navy, black, Green, Red, and maroon. We have four sizes, 8X6, 8.5X11, A4, and 11X14, and we are one of the only vendors with the hard-to-find A4 size. These diploma holders are durable and sleeker than the typically padded diploma covers you see online. They come with stamped text in embossed gold or silver foil. We also make custom diploma holders with your logo, text, or both! We also have seals and emblems!

Now is the time to acquire a Novelty Diploma.

As you can see, a novelty diploma can be put to a wide variety of different functions. You can do many other things with these pieces of paper, from using them to play a practical joke on someone else to holding award ceremonies and utilizing them as props for the media. If you need a degree to do something but don't want to risk damage or lose a real one, there are some fantastic options that you may try on this list!

If you require coverings in large quantities or if you need bulk covers, please get in touch with us.

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