Why It’s Important to Have a College Diploma Copy

In the US alone, 4 million people graduate college each year, making the likelihood of needing a college diploma copy quite likely. After all, some of those folks will lose or damage their diplomas and not have them when they need them the most.

In the following article, we'll be looking at why it's essential to have those copies handy and how you can go about getting them. Let's begin! 

You May Want to Go to Grad School

The first reason you may want to get a professional copy of your college diploma is that you may have aspirations beyond your undergraduate degree. Whether you want to stop at a master's degree or go forward with a doctorate, the schools you apply to will need a legitimate copy of your degree before they allow entry.

Make a list of your top three schools before proceeding. Application processes may vary from school to school, so keep your copy handy until asked for it. Check if a basic photocopy will suffice for the application process, but be prepared to give an official copy as most will require it. 

Or Study Abroad

A copy of your diploma will also be a prerequisite for study-abroad programs. The university you plan to study at will want to ensure that your degree translates into their system. Getting a copy of the diploma that bears the seal and authority of an accredited university will save you a lot of time. 

An Employer May Ask for It

Some employers may never require you to get a copy of your diploma for the job, but most upper-tier, career-level positions will. Employers want to be assured of your skills and training at a glance. This data may be vital for professional, government, or internal audits. 

Some Internships Will Require It

This one kind of depends on whether the internship is accepting of undergraduates. For graduate-level internships, you will definitely need to produce a university diploma for the employer's records. 

You may even need the document before you can report for duty. Verify through the internship program director before proceeding. 

Getting a Replacement Copy Can Prove Difficult

It can be a real test of your patience to secure an extra diploma through your institution, so you'll want to ensure that you are going through the rules and protocols.

The seasonal nature of education departments can make it challenging to connect with the right person, and you may find yourself incurring extra costs. Plus, while it varies by school, the institution may have limitations on what they can produce for employers or other organizations that need the verification. 

So You Will Have Ready Access

Investing in a replacement copy of your college certificate or university diploma is just a good idea because you won't be taken off-guard. You'll have it when you need it, whether asked for it or not. 

That can give you the peace of mind necessary to apply for an array of jobs. Public sector jobs such as police, fire, mail service, and utilities commonly require these documents to be provided before they will let you proceed with a start date. 

Celebrate Your Achievement

Before we get into the remaining considerations regarding your college diploma copy, it's also important to note the spectacular achievement of graduating from college. Despite what you may have heard from critics, college graduates are still high earners compared to non-college graduates. 

Keeping an authentic version of your diploma handy will remind you of what you've achieved and give you the confidence you need every time you see it hanging on the wall or neatly tucked away in a binder. Furthermore, once you are working, it will instill confidence in your abilities from the people you serve. There's a reason doctors do it, and you should, too! 

Other Considerations

We've covered the reasons why you should do it. In this section, we look at some related questions to ensure you always have a copy on hand.

What to Do If You Lose the Original

If you lose the original, you could contact the university to see if they would be willing to send you a replacement. This typically doesn't happen for free, with replacement costs running from tens to hundreds of dollars. It's hard to know what to expect outright without looking at the specific university.

However, here are some documents to have handy to help expedite the process: 

  • A request letter
  • An affidavit, signed and stamped by a professional notary
  • Official ID
  • A written request letter
  • Any payments due

There's one last thing we need to talk about before moving ahead: your transcript. You'll need a copy of this on hand, too, because it's the granular proof that you completed each class and also shows how well you performed.

What to Know Before Making a Digital Copy

Digital copies are helpful with everything from tax season to sensitive documents. While a digital copy might not be good enough for an employer, it is a good idea to scan in your diploma as soon as possible so you'll be able to more quickly and cheaply get future replacements if you lose one again. 

Should You Frame Your Diploma?

If you're going to be in a profession where your expertise is essential to the public, it's a good idea. For that matter, it's a good confidence booster, and you can do it at a minimal cost. 

Getting a College Diploma Copy Is Important

We hope that one thing you'll take away from this, if nothing else, is this: having a diploma copy is crucial whether you still have the original or not. That's because you will likely encounter many situations in life where you have to share a copy with employers, graduate schools, internship programs, and more. 

It also lends peace of mind knowing that you'll always be stocked with a copy whenever an opportunity presents itself, and you want to leave a good impression. If you're interested in having a copy of yours, contact us at Same Day Diplomas today to see the options we have available! 

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