Which College and Universities Have the Neatest Seals

College diplomas are a sign of accomplishment and a great way to show your dedication to your studies. However, not all college diplomas are created equal. Some have really neat seals while others just seem like an afterthought.

Many university seals feature a coat of arms that was designed hundreds of years ago. Others are more modern, and some have even been updated in recent years to reflect the changing times. But which universities have the neatest seals?

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. The University of Michigan

The University has had several seals over the years since its foundation in 1817. Its first seal, the “Epistemia” seal was first adopted in 1817. It represents the Temple of Wisdom Seal with six pillars supporting a dome and a light that shines from above them.

Today, the Lamp of Knowledge Seal is used. Adopted in 1895, it features a lamp of knowledge surrounded by the Latin phrase “Artes, Scientia, Veritas” which means, “Art, Science, Truth.”

2. Mississippi State University

The Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science, commonly known as Mississippi State University, has one of the oldest seals in the country, first appearing on the campus in 1878.

The seal was officially adopted in 1932 with elements like a sword that symbolizes the military character of the early institution, a shield that symbolizes the federal role in a land-grant institution, and a key that represents the "key to knowledge."

3. Southern Methodist University

The Southern Methodist University was founded on April 17, 1911, by the Methodist Episcopal Church, now part of the United Methodist Church. They have a satellite campus in Taos County, New Mexico.

The SMU's official university seal features Dallas Hall and is a significant element of the University's history and identity. The Latin phrase “Veritas Liberabit Vos,” which means "Truth will set you free," is written under the seal.

4. Illinois State University

Founded in 1857, the Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) is Illinois' oldest public school. The state approved the name change to Illinois State University in 1963, which became effective on January 1, 1964.

The university's logo is neat and simple with the year of foundation (1857), a torch, and a book with the phrase: “Gladly we learn and teach.”

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many universities that have interesting and unique seals. If you're looking to get a college diploma with a really neat seal, be sure to check out one of these schools!

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