When Should I Use a Fake Diploma in Place of the Actual Copy?

Fake diplomas are more useful than they sound. People can understandably brush off “fake” as unimportant, but there is a reason why fake diploma companies have been in business since the 19th century. Here are some of the most relevant cases when you should use a fake diploma instead of a real one. 

When You Need to Replace Your Original Copy

Using a fake diploma in place of the original is the primary reason they exist in the first place. Perhaps it has been years since you received your diploma. Now, you don’t know where it is. You would think that your old school can provide an extra for you, which is normally true.

However, getting a replacement degree can be a tedious process. It involves contacting your school’s registrar, and every school has unique requirements. Typically, you need to fill out a form with your personal and contact details.

Replacement fees also exist. Expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $100. Plus, you must wait between one and two months before it arrives. 

In these situations, consider getting a fake copy instead. This way, you can skip the long wait when all you want is a copy of your diploma.

You might wonder if this fake diploma is honorable for cases when you must present your diploma. Suppose you are applying for a job in your town that requires a copy of your high school or college diploma.

Whether or not they consider your copy will depend on what you use it for. In job application cases, a fake diploma can serve as a true replacement copy since you are on file with your school. But if you know that you did not earn that degree, then having a fake diploma counts as academic fraud. Remember what you intend to use this copy for to avoid getting in legal hot water.

When You Want to Send a Unique Novelty Gift

As we mentioned earlier, what you use your copy for will determine whether it is honorable. Others will treat your copy as a fake diploma if you use it for novelty reasons. That is, you could be ordering a copy of your diploma to send as a gift or for fun.

When ordering a fake diploma, you would provide the information that goes on the document. No one is stopping you from putting another person’s name or even a fake name on there. You can also customize the details to say that the person graduated from a fake university with a fake degree.

Overall, a fake diploma is a great gag gift. Send it to a friend in your group who isn’t graduating with the rest of you as an inside joke. Hang a fake diploma in your home to trick unsuspecting visitors about your achievements. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to giving these fake documents as gifts. 

When You Need a Diploma for Stage or Film Props

Are you staging a play or filming a movie that calls for academic documents? Fake diplomas look just as real as official ones. As such, they are great for serving as convincing props. 

In movies, having a fake diploma will be necessary when there are scenes that feature the props. Audiences will look at a diploma and check if it has the character’s name for it to feel real. This is especially the case during close-up shots, but more discerning viewers will notice the diploma even if it’s in the background. 

Even if audiences can suspend their disbelief for a few hours, having detailed props add a bit of authenticity to your production. It can even serve as a collectible that you can give away in celebration of your film or play’s success. In addition to that, audiences will appreciate the level of detail that went into making your play or movie. 

When You Want a Better-Looking Diploma

Suppose you spent all your academic years studying and grinding for that diploma. It arrives and you are unimpressed with the final document. What do you do with that? How will you be proud of your academic achievements when even you don't even want to look at your diploma? Consider keeping that ugly diploma for professional purposes. Meanwhile, you could order a fake diploma with an even better layout.

As long as you use your fake diploma for decorative purposes, you should be fine. Have the fake diploma framed and hang it on your wall so you can truly be proud of your achievements. No one else but you (and maybe your fellow graduates) will know that you have an unsightly version of your diploma somewhere in your files.

Fake diploma artists create these documents professionally. So, you can count on them to understand the best practices in layout design to make a diploma look striking. It can still feature the correct information to serve as a replacement degree while looking better than the original. 

Next Steps

Fake diplomas can be useful in a handful of cases. You might want to get one to replace a diploma that you lost or serve as a stand-in for an ugly diploma. Other reasons for getting a fake diploma include sending them as gag gifts or using them as film props.

Fake diploma designers can match replacements according to original layouts or even enhance them to your liking. They can also add real or fictional names to the document while making them look authentic. Should you need a fake diploma for any reason, get in touch with Same Day Diplomas today.


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