What types of jobs require a copy of your high school or college transcript?

You won't always need a copy of your high school or college transcripts. However, when they are necessary, it's often for something important like a school transfer or a new job.

Obtaining copies of high school transcripts is easy to accomplish. The same can be said for college transcripts, depending on how you request them. Knowing what you can expect when you need one is very important.

Transcripts and Their Requirements

Transcripts can be an important document for a few reasons.

One, it gives employers a bigger picture of your academic accolades and history. Employers who request high school or college transcripts will want to know about what you studied and how you achieved your diploma or degree. Be as straightforward and truthful as possible when providing this information while showing your transcripts as proof.

Two, it is a requirement for continued higher learning and is sometimes necessary for particular employment opportunities. Whether you've graduated or not, an official transcript contains your grades, GPA, chosen majors, honors credits, and earned degrees. Unofficial transcripts typically contain the same information but will not be accepted by some jobs and reputable academic institutions.

High School

High school transcripts are less formal than college transcripts. Both options might incur a payment fee. However, high school transcripts will only normally do so if you owe an outstanding debt. This situation generally only pertains to private schools, which may hold your transcripts until you pay off the debt.

Retrieving a copy of your high school transcript can be obtained by visiting your old school. Some schools may provide other options, such as online and by mail requests.

You'll need to contact the admission office or guidance counselor, which can be done in person, online (in some cases), or by phone. If done in person, understand that the school cannot release your transcripts directly.

No matter which option you choose, the school must send your official high school transcripts by mail. It may take considerable time to receive (up to a month!) a copy of your transcript. So, plan ahead if you have a deadline coming up where one is necessary.

Used for:

  • College applications
  • Transfer to a new high school
  • Some jobs


Colleges and universities often provide a few ways to request an official transcript. These options include in-person, online, or by mail. Each option will usually require you to fill out a form and pay a processing fee.

College transcripts are official documents that detail a student's course and grade inventory. Higher-paying employers may request a potential employee's college transcripts as proof they meet specific educational achievements before onboarding.

Student's can often view their unofficial college transcripts on a university's website. If they are not available for viewing, a student can request their unofficial college transcripts from the registrar's office.

When transferring to a new university, that university will not likely accept unofficial transcripts. Unofficial transcripts find use in determining your next course of study and the ability to share your grade point average (GPA) openly. Unofficial college transcripts are also great for double-checking the information before requesting an official transcript.

Used for:

  • College transfers
  • High paying, vocational jobs

Jobs Requiring High School Transcripts

Not everyone thinks about attending a college or university. Some are perfectly content with professions that do not require a degree. Not to mention dodging the high tuition costs generally associated with college entry.

Money is the single largest detractor when it comes to attending college or not. Not wishing to pursue additional education is another. Thankfully, there are many lucrative and exciting employment opportunities for high school and GED recipients.

Generally speaking, jobs will only ask for high school transcripts if the position requires certain skills obtained in high school, a certain level of education to perform the tasks, or the employer's hiring guidelines deem it necessary. For the vast majority of jobs available, this is not an issue.

Some jobs that might request your high school transcripts are:

Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is the perfect position for anyone passionate about travel. The median salary for this hospitality and travel position is approximately $59,000. Job requirements include assisting airline passengers, conducting preflight inspections, and emergency response and relief whenever a situation calls for it.

Medical Secretary

Who says you need a college degree to work in a medical profession? As a medical secretary, you'll answer phones, check-in patients, and manage supplies for medical offices. No health care education required to earn a median salary of approximately $37,000.

Enlisted Military

A high school transcript is a requirement for enlisting in the United States military. As are most federal employment opportunities. So if you're hoping to serve your country, you're going to need to go through the high school transcript process.

Jobs Requiring College Transcripts

Knowing your educational background is crucial when applying for a job that requires a college degree. Most jobs that look for candidates with higher education don't often regard GPA as a significant factor. Instead, an employer will look more closely at your choice of a major and your coursework's relevance to the workplace.

It's also fair to say that most employers will not require a copy of your college transcripts. However, it's still an excellent document to include in your application as it's more likely to help your chances than to diminish them.

Some occupational fields that might request your college transcripts are:

Information Technology

Computer science degrees and certifications are important to the information technology (IT) field. Though not all jobs in this field require a degree, prospective employers may use the information on college transcripts to aid their hiring decisions better.

Military Officer

Like an enlisted position, becoming an officer in the military will require proof of education. In this case, an officer must have earned a degree from a higher education institution like a college or university. As proof of this education, college transcripts will be necessary before being sworn into the military.

Some Law/Legal Positions

A law firm recruitment requires a prospective associate to provide their college transcripts. In some circumstances, the firm may request all undergraduate transcripts as well. Without these documents, a law firm will consider the application incomplete.

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