What to Do If You Need a Diploma Copy Fast

Even though you've put a lot of time and effort into your degree, accidents happen, and your diploma can become lost or damaged. When that happens, and you need a diploma copy quickly, the situation can feel stressful. Going the traditional route–calling the registrar's office at your alma mater and requesting a replacement–can take a month (or more!) to receive.

What should you do when you're under a time crunch and need a copy of your diploma? Turning to an online diploma maker can create a realistic copy in a short amount of time. Working with an online diploma maker has a lot of benefits, including a quick turnaround time (often as little as one to two days) and accurate graphics. 

If you're under a tight time frame and you need a diploma copy fast, then you might consider a diploma copy maker. However, these copies are not intended for fraud use. We'll go over some example situations as to why you might need a diploma copy fast. Plus, we will detail the benefits of working with this type of company rather than going through your school.

Why Might You Need a Diploma Copy in a Hurry?

While it's true that you cannot use a replacement copy of a college diploma or high school diploma in fraud schemes, as this can have serious legal consequences, there are a lot of situations where you might benefit from using a copy of your diploma. As long as you aren't misrepresenting your academic achievements, buying a diploma copy from a website can help you out in time-sensitive situations. 

You Need a Replacement for the Lost Original Diploma

One of the most common reasons for buying a replacement college diploma or high school diploma is because the original got lost. With years, moves, and life changes, it can be difficult to keep track of a piece of paper that you might not need a lot. But when you do suddenly need your diploma, and it's nowhere to be found, you need a quick solution. 

When that happens, you can order a replacement copy from an online diploma maker and often receive it within a couple of days. With a high-quality maker, you can expect realistic results as you wait for your university to finish the actual replacement diploma, which can take a month or longer. 

With electronic records of student matriculation and degrees awarded, most employers and others who need to verify your academic status can easily check out if your diploma is fake or not. Since your degree is easily verifiable, a substitute physical copy of your diploma will often suffice in situations when you need the original. 

You Are Waiting for the Original to be Sent Out

Most schools take a while to send spring graduates their diplomas. Some graduates might not receive their actual diplomas until a few months after the ceremony. So while you may have completed your degree in May, you might not receive your actual diploma until August. As a new graduate, you might be faced with a job interview conundrum. They ask to see a copy of your diploma, but you don't have it yet. 

Most employers will conduct a background check that includes your academic claims. Since your school has an official record of your graduation and accomplishments, employers will be able to verify your degree. But if you want to have a physical replacement diploma to impress the interviewers, then you can buy a realistic-looking copy from an online diploma maker. As long as you aren't misrepresenting your academic accomplishments or the specifications of your degree, then you can show people this diploma as a replacement copy. 

You Need a Gag Gift

You can also get a fake degree for personal purposes. Though high-quality diploma makers create authentic-looking diplomas, they can be used for fun purposes too. If you have a party coming up and need a joke gift fast, then buying a fake diploma can be a way to get some laughs. You can input any text you'd like into the diploma. For example, you can put silly phrases or even a rival school. 

You Need a Copy for a Play or Film

Another reason why you may need a fake diploma is for performance purposes. If you have a play or a film coming up, finding a realistic diploma as a prop may be hard. You don't want to use your original diploma as a prop, as that can be an easy way for it to get lost or damaged. If your search for a realistic prop to use has not been successful, but your deadline is looming near, you'll need a quick option. 

An online diploma maker will work to make a diploma to your specifications so that it will fit into your storyline. Also, if you are looking for an authentic-looking diploma for a particular school or university, then opting for one from an online diploma maker will be the best option besides the real thing. This specification will be especially helpful if you plan on doing any close-up shots of the diploma, as people will be quick to point out any inaccuracies in the school name or design.

You Need Extra Copies for Display Purposes

Another personal reason for needing a diploma copy is for display purposes. For some people, having their degrees present on the wall is essential for building client trust, establishing authority within an industry, or showing necessary credentials. 

If you need to display your diploma in more than one place, don't feel comfortable keeping the originals in a public place, or want to keep them displayed at home, having extra copies is a great solution. However, if you're moving into your new office sooner than expected and need a copy right away, ordering from an online diploma store is the best option. They can get you a frame-worthy diploma copy quickly. 

It's also important to note that some universities won't issue multiple copies of your diploma since the document is viewed as one-of-a-kind. They'll only replace your diploma if it's lost, damaged, or displays incorrect information. High-ranking schools like Stanford University have strict guidelines and procedures surrounding the replacement of diplomas, as they aim to prevent identity fraud. 

However, because diplomas are important as original documents, many people feel more comfortable keeping their original diplomas safe from damage or theft than publicly displaying them. Having copies of your diplomas displayed at your place of work or business is a smart way to keep the original safe.

How Do You Get a Diploma Copy Fast?

If you try to get a replacement diploma from your university, you'll have to go through their standard policy procedures. These procedures may include giving out your contact and degree information, plus the reason why you need a replacement. In addition, you'll often pay close to one hundred dollars and wait four to six weeks to finally receive it. 

In comparison, an online diploma maker can get you a hard copy in as little as one to two days. If you need a replacement copy of your diploma sooner rather than later, then going with an online diploma maker will be the quickest option. It may also be the only option if your school doesn't allow you to order multiple copies of your diploma.

Though a copy of your diploma doesn't carry the same meaning as your original one, there are a few benefits to buying your own personal copies of your diploma from an online maker. Whether you're looking for multiple copies to display in different places or you need to rush to find a replacement copy, choosing an online diploma maker is a fast way to get what you need.

Realistic Design

When you work with a high-quality diploma maker, you'll notice the small details in the design and materials that make the diploma look realistic and authentic. One of the ways you can spot a good replacement diploma versus a poorly made fake diploma is the attention to design details. 

The university seal is often the hardest and most time-consuming part of the process of replicating. With high–quality diploma makers, they'll give you an option for embossing or metallic foils. Another detail that shows the quality of the diploma copy is the sizing and proportions. The seal will not be placed too close to other elements of the design and will also not be placed too close to the edge of the document. The font size should also be considered, as too small or too large may obviously point to the diploma being fake. 

Overall, it's a good idea to look at the samples of work a diploma maker has done in the past to determine if the quality is up to your standards. If you're planning on showing the degree to others, either through displaying it in a frame or in the context of a performance, attention to detail is essential in a diploma copy.

Fast Turn Around Time

When you buy from a diploma maker, you can expect to receive your diploma at least three times faster than by ordering through your university. Since the wait time for a diploma from a university is usually around the one-month mark, this often is not viable for time-sensitive situations. Even if you have the time, going through your school for a replacement diploma is sometimes not worth the hassle. Especially if you don't plan on showing off your diploma or it's just a high school diploma from years ago. 

If it's been a long time since you graduated, and your previous school has been shut down, you may need to go through your state to get a replacement diploma, which can take a lot of time and effort. In that case, going with a diploma copy may make more sense.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a diploma maker is that you can get a replacement when you need it. Whether you need a copy of a high school diploma for a play or you need a copy of your college diploma to show off in your new office, ordering one from a diploma-making business is the fastest way to get a diploma copy.

Easy Ordering System

When you work with a reputable diploma-making company, their ordering system and team will get you an authentic-looking diploma. For example, Same Day Diplomas works hard to provide you with realistic copies by conducting research on each university to ensure that the design is accurate. Small design details like font size, seal, and signatures need a lot of attention and skill to get right. The design team does the necessary research and effort to get authentic-looking diplomas, like offering embossed metallic seals or even realistic signatures. 

Ordering from a diploma-making company is fast and easy compared to getting a replacement from your university. Since there are more policies and procedures in place when ordering a replacement from your university, it can often be a hassle trying to get your diploma. But when you order from a diploma company, there is a lot less paperwork and identity verification. Most diploma-making companies can get to work on your order that same day. 

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a copy of a diploma fast. Whether you need a copy of your diploma for personal reasons or you want to get a replica of a real diploma for a gift or a performance, an online diploma maker can get you the diploma copy quickly. With realistic results and fast service, it's much more convenient than going to your university for a replacement. If you're interested in buying a high school diploma or a college diploma, we can provide you with an authentic-looking copy. Our collection of samples showcases the care and attention to detail put into the design of diploma copies.

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