What Goes Into the Perfect Print Diploma

It takes a lot of work and technology to get the perfect print diploma that is worthy of looking real. At Same Day Diplomas, we utilize a staff of professional designers, the best technology, and take careful note of how your diploma should look. Let’s take a look at what goes into making the perfect print diploma.

Attention to detail when printing your diploma 

Each institution has its own nuances when it comes to crafting how their diplomas look. Many diploma makers out there only give you one option, a generic looking flat seal. The reality of the matter is that the majority of diplomas use a raised metal etching. We give you the option of selecting either a single raised metallic seal or multiple ones if your university’s diploma has these.

High school diplomas often have complicated seals as well. The board of education seal and governor’s seal are pretty standard across high school diplomas. However, more prestigious high schools can include STEM seals and seals for academic excellence. 

The typical diploma maker will not always give you the most accurate representation on your replacement documents by having a generic seal. Some diploma makers will use a printed version of a seal, meaning metallic and color elements are missing. Another way that diploma makers try to catch the official look of a seal is to use a holographic seal. While these may look impressive, they will not look like the official seal on the original copy of your diploma. 

Paper size makes the perfect print diploma 

The type of paper needs to reflect those used on an official diploma. Most diplomas are printed on a type of heavier paper that does not lose its color over time. You can get an electronic copy of your diploma that will look 100% accurate, but a paper copy needs to look super official and pristine. When you use a diploma maker like Same Day Diplomas, we use quality stock paper to make sure that the color lasts. 

Make your diplomas as authentic as you’d like 

All of our standard college diplomas come with the option to add custom or a set of stock signatures. The stock signatures can be added if you do not remember the signatories on your original diploma. Most college diplomas are signed by the chair of the board of trustees and the institution president. Some graduate degrees also include the signature of the institution’s graduate school dean. If you have specific signatures that you must have added, Same Day Diplomas can accommodate this. 

Same Day Diplomas also gives you the option to add special instructions on your order. This can be a great place to indicate a minor (some schools will also add your minor to your diploma). On very rare occasions, special annotations get made to diplomas to indicate special honors that are conferred at graduation. Same Day Diplomas can also get you certain types of annotations made to your final product. 

The stock signatures often work well for people who are not going to display this personal copy of their diploma. If you are making a copy of your diploma to hang at work while your official copy is in safe keeping, you will probably want to make sure that the signatures are from people who actually had their name on your original degree. 

Value and price of a print diploma 

If you are getting a replica diploma or a replacement diploma, you often get what you pay for. Many of the diploma makers out there make print diplomas that are not truly customized. You may find that other diploma makers:

  • Often only give you a handful of seals to choose from (you won’t get a seal that looks like that of your college or university).
  • Will have a handful of fonts to choose from, as well as colors.
  • Don’t position seals and other metallic elements in the correct place on your diploma.
  • Won’t have the right paper size to match your original diploma. 

Some of the inferior diploma makers will often get little details wrong on the final printed copy of your diploma that they make for you. One commonly seen mistake is degree abbreviations. Some prestigious colleges and universities use the abbreviation “A.B.” for a bachelor of arts degree. Some professional degrees, like the doctor of musical arts, is abbreviated as a D.M.A. Many diploma makers will often incorrectly put the wrong abbreviation on the degree. Same Day Diplomas will make sure that every detail of your degree is perfect. 

Prints of high school diplomas 

High school diplomas are also specialized by the school and require the detail of a great design team. High school diplomas will often have different seals to go along with the state governor and board of education seals. These seals can indicate specialized study in high school, such as excellence in the STEM disciplines. 

High school diplomas will often have additional notations on them. Maybe you were a valedictorian or salutatorian. It’s very important to get these little details right, and an authentic diploma maker like Same Day Diplomas will make sure that you get an authentic-looking copy of your diploma. 

Same Day Diplomas will get you the best print diploma 

Whether you are looking for a copy of your high school or college diploma, Same Day Diplomas offers several benefits when you are getting your personal copy. We offer options that are affordable to you. You can get a digital or hard copy sent to you. We also give you options for flat or metallic seals, depending upon your need. We also have payment options so that you can pay over time. Lastly, we are able to get you the best customer service in the industry. 

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