What Can Prevent You From Getting Your Transcripts?

College transcripts can be easy to lose, especially when you got the documents from over ten years ago. Perhaps you misplaced them in an old apartment or left them with someone who unfortunately lost them. However, getting a new copy can be hard, which will be a problem when you need it immediately.

This post discusses the different roadblocks you might face when getting a new copy of your college transcripts. We also offer the best way to get your academic records as soon as you need them.

Academic Record Holds

Holds are blocks on your account. Normally, having a hold on your account prevents you from registering for classes. Perhaps you have an unsettled financial account or an unreturned library book. However, holds also block you from requesting college transcripts.

You should be able to remove a hold once you resolve whatever gave you the hold in the first place. For instance, you could pay an outstanding balance or attend an orientation. Although paying bills can be simple enough, the latter case might be challenging if some time has already passed.

Be sure to contact your college to confirm what might prevent you from getting your transcript. See if the holds are easily resolvable. If not, you might want to consider alternate ways of getting college transcripts quickly.

Missing Academic Records

Your college may have experienced technical issues since the last time you visited campus. Those issues could have wiped their digital records, which may have unfortunately included yours. Know that such a case is not your fault. However, it will still get in the way of getting your college transcripts.

Depending on how old the records you need are, you could wait months before you get a new transcript. Your school may have to go through their physical student records if their digital database has missing data.

You have few options if you face this roadblock because it is an issue with your college’s record-keeping skills. Still, getting your transcripts on the same day is possible if you need your records if you are on a deadline.

Insufficient Documentation

Suppose you have a clean record and your school has a well-maintained academic database. You could still be pressed for time when you lack certain documents that your school requires. Your college is only right to require specific papers before they release the transcripts you are requesting.

Gathering all your documents beforehand is the best way to get past this roadblock. Be sure you confirm everything you need with your registrar so you can go about the process smoothly. Should you face other problems along the way, stopping you from getting certain papers, consider Same-Day Diplomas for all your quick college transcript needs.


Losing school records is understandable, especially when a long time has passed since you graduated. However, you could face a couple of time-consuming roadblocks that prevent you from getting a new copy when you need it.

Skip these hassles of getting a spare copy of your college transcripts from your school registrar. With Same-Day Diplomas, you can get a copy of your transcript on the same day! Browse our options today.







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