Top 15 Colleges and Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some top universities globally. We have compiled the top 15 universities and colleges in the UK as a reference for anyone who is planning to pursue their education overseas.

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1. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford takes the top spot as the #1 university in the United Kingdom, and it ranks #5 among the best universities in the world. Oxford consists of 38 colleges and 6 private halls that offer different programs and subjects. Getting a fake UK degree or a replacement diploma from Oxford is fairly easy, as the design for Oxford’s diploma is simple and elegant. Finishing your studies in such a prestigious university is an achievement like no other. Getting a replacement diploma as a commemoration piece for display is a great way to display your degree while still keeping the original safe.

2. University of Cambridge 

The University of Cambridge is another prestigious establishment in the UK, ranking #2 on a national level and #8 in a global setting. Like Oxford, Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the UK and lives on today as one of the best places to pursue your education. It has 6 schools and 31 residential colleges. A fake degree for Cambridge would also be quite simple to produce, as the original design is simple and mostly distinguished by the university’s logo and that of the specific college. 

3. University College London

The University College London (UCL) ranks #3 among UK universities and #16 on a global scale. It was established in 1826 and was the third university to be founded in England. UCL specializes in 11 academic divisions, including arts and humanities, engineering, education, brain sciences, law, and more. The design of their diploma is branded by the university logo on the side of the degree, accompanied by a UCL watermark.

4. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London comes at #4 in our list of top UK universities, while also placing at #20 on a global scale. Education in this university primarily revolves around four main divisions: engineering, medicine, business, and natural sciences. The diploma for the Imperial College London is best identified by its university logos. There is one printed at the top of the page, but the most distinguished aspect of the diploma is the large university logo seal that is placed in the center.

5. University of Edinburgh 

The University of Edinburgh is #5 on this list and #32 globally. It has 5 campuses across the UK and offers 3 different colleges: one for the arts, humanities, and social sciences; one for science and engineering; and a third for medicine and veterinary medicine. Overall, it consists of 20 schools. Our fake UK degree services can easily create a replacement diploma for the University of Edinburgh, as the diploma’s design is simple and straightforward. It has a minimal design, with a colored logo at the top and a seal near the bottom of the page.

6. King’s College London 

King’s College London is #6 among the top 15 UK colleges, while also being at #33 globally. The college offers various subjects, such as biology, chemistry, surgery, arts, clinical medicine, and more. A replacement diploma for King’s College London is easy to create, as the original design only consists of the university’s logo at the top and a transparent seal on the right side of the page, near the student’s information. 

7. University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester places at #7 among the top UK universities, while ranking #58 globally. The university mainly excels in subjects such as arts and humanities, chemistry, economics and business, immunology, and oncology. In terms of design, the original diploma consists of a minimal design with various copies of the university logo sealed onto the page. You can obtain your own replacement diploma through our fake UK degree services.

8. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is #8 on our list of top UK universities while ranking at #84 in a global setting. It specializes in medical subjects, such as cardiac and cardiovascular systems, endocrinology, and metabolism. A fake degree at the University of Glasgow would look very similar to the original, as the original has a simple layout. The design is very minimal and is accompanied by a seal of the university’s logo. Our fake UK degree services can easily create an accurate copy. 

9. University of Birmingham 

The University of Birmingham is #9 among the top UK universities while ranking at #91 in a global setting. The top-ranking subjects at the university are related to medical careers, such as surgery, cardiac and cardiovascular systems, and oncology. The university’s diploma consists of the student’s certification and two colored logos of the university, located on the top and bottom of the page, respectively.

10. University of Bristol 

At #10 is the University of Bristol, which is also ranked at #92 globally. The University of Bristol is best known for its quality of education in subjects like geosciences, optics, and molecular biology. The design of their diploma is quite minimal, but with a unique touch. It has the university’s logo on the top with a large watermark of the university’s structure printed in the center of the page. It’s a distinguished design that truly deserves to be displayed; you can do so by creating a fake degree with us. 

11. University of Southampton

Ranking at #11 is the University of Southampton, which also ranks at #97 among the top universities globally. This university offers excellent education in subjects related to geosciences, optics, and endocrinology. The original design of their diploma consists of a simple layout matched with a colored university logo at the top of the page. We can easily recreate a replacement diploma so you can keep an extra copy on hand.

12. Queen Mary, University of London 

The Queen Mary, University of London comes at #12 in the top UK universities while ranking at #110 globally. The university offers high-quality education in fields related to medicine, and is best known for their programs in oncology, gastroenterology, hepatology, clinical medicine, and cell biology. Their diploma’s design consists of the university logo near the top of the page and another logo as a transparent seal in the center.

13. London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine 

The London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine is #13 among top universities in the UK and #130 among global universities. As a university that revolves around the medical field, it specializes in subjects like public health, infectious diseases, social sciences, and clinical medicine. The design of the diploma is simple and easy to recreate for a fake degree, consisting of a minimal layout with the university logo near the top.

14. University of Sheffield 

The University of Sheffield is placed at #14 among the top UK universities and #135 on a global scale. This university specializes in various fields and subjects, including engineering, ecology, physics, polymer science, and more. The design of their diploma is distinguished by a dual-colored yellow and white theme. There are two logos; one for the top of the page and another in the bottom-right corner of the diploma. 

15. University of Warwick

Lastly, the University of Warwick is placed at #15 in the UK and at #144 among global universities. This university offers excellent education and ranks highest in subjects such as businesses, economics, mathematics, arts, and humanities. The diploma is identified by a logo at the top of the page, with another university logo and label printed near the bottom.

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