The Top Business Certifications to Boost Your Career

Do you know it takes the average employee $1,252 to receive training to help them level up in their career?

In the modern business world, you have to be like a shark - ever moving and never stopping lest you die. That means you need to continually invest in upskilling yourself. It will add value to your business career.

Here’s a closer take on six essential business certifications you need to keep your career’s trajectory up.

1. Certified Business Analysis Professional

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is for people who analyze businesses. The goal is to uncover and develop solutions to problems. The International Institute of Business Analysis runs and validates CBAP certifications.

In general, this certification requires you to have a background in business analysis. Specifically, you will need a minimum of 7,500 hours as a business analysis professional.

Additionally, you will need 35 hours of professional development. Once you have that, a referral from two industry professionals will do.

The exam you need to take to be CBAP certified is a 3.5-hour-long one. You will face 125 questions you must answer within that period.

Some topics you'll handle when looking to be CBAP qualified include strategic analysis, life cycle management, solution evaluation, and business analysis planning.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce has risen to be a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Many firms deeply integrate into their operations.

It’s not uncommon to see companies specifying experience with Salesforce when hiring.

Salesforce offers several certifications that span information technology (IT) to marketing.

The Salesforce Administrator certification is essential when focusing on data, users, and security. Other tasks you will cover under this certification include creating reports and workflows.

If software development is your jam, Salesforce Developer offers several certifications. Developers and programmers building and implementing applications on the Lightning Platform need this.

Salesforce Marketer enables you to create targeted marketing strategies using the CRM. Just like Salesforce Developer, there are several certifications under the Salesforce Marketer suite.

Salesforce Consultant is another vital certification tied to the platform. It demonstrates your ability to work well with customers. Through it, you can prove your ability to help clients get the most out of the platform.

3. Project Management Professional

Leadership skills necessary for managing projects and the teams that move these projects are more in demand than ever. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry-leading qualification for project managers.

Part of why PMP attracts so much attention and accolades is because the qualification to take the course is strict. To start with, you’ll need a high school diploma.

Since this is the earliest certificate most people earn, it may get lost. A replacement diploma is acceptable during application as long as your graduation was legitimate.

If you have an associate diploma or a global certification that can act as an equivalent, you can use it. Some institutions may offer an option where PMP applications can be accompanied by a four-year degree.

In addition to this, you will need at least 7,500 hours of experience managing projects. Some institutions can opt to accept 4,500 hours of managing projects at a minimum. That’s on top of the necessary 35 hours in project management education.

The PMP course exam is a 200 question one, which costs $555 for non-members of the Project Management Institute. Once you attain the PMP certification, you get to retain it through earning 60 professional development units every three years.

4. Professional Certificate in Team Leadership

Staying on the leadership theme, the Professional Certificate in Team Leadership is an internationally recognized course to help you lead others.

Some of the skills this certification course can help you pick up include various team leadership skills and positive communication techniques. You can also pick up effective team management skills as well as change management.

For this certification, you can either study for the training at a Chartered Institute for IT training providers or self-study online. You don't need any prerequisites to complete this program, but there is a certification exam you need to pass.

5. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

For many businesses, the value of drawing in customers who are already on the hunt for products on offer is effective. Due to inbound marketing's compelling return on investment (ROI), HubSpot’s inbound marketing training is an industry-leading certification.

The good news is that the course is entirely free online from HubSpot’s digital academy. To get certified, you need to go through two hours of video training and pass several quizzes interspersed throughout the material.

You can choose to complement this certification with other adjacent courses HubSpot offers. That way, your resume gains more appeal as you increasingly come across as a marketing specialist.

6. Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification

On the other side of business operations is the supply chain. The Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP) gives you the ability to streamline processes.

You can attend CSCP classes or study by yourself using online training material. Either way, you will need to sit for an exam that will zero in on supply chain planning and execution, design, and best practices.

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