Is It Legal to Buy a Fake GED Certificate?

Why would someone want to buy a fake GED?

In 2021, the United States dropout rate was 6%. This is an all-time low, but out of 17 million students, this still accounts for over a million students. 

Earning a high school diploma holds a lot of meaning in society. In some cases, it simply means earning the respect of those around you. In other circumstances, it means being taken seriously by a potential employer.

Sometimes life happens, and students aren't able to finish their high school degree. They might have to leave high school or find themselves in circumstances that prevent them from graduating.

Whatever the reason, getting a fake diploma might be your only option to show you attended high school, despite not graduating. You might be surprised to learn that owning a fake GED or high school diploma is entirely legal.

Want to learn more about getting your own fake GED? Keep reading to understand why you can buy a GED online.

Is a Fake GED Illegal?

You might first think that owning a fake high school diploma could get you arrested. But just owning one can't get you in trouble!

It is entirely legal to create, buy, and own a fake GED. There are some legal issues to consider when using a fake diploma for something. But just because your diploma is fake, doesn't mean you don't have the knowledge.

Having a diploma of your own in hand can make you feel complete. The satisfaction of seeing your name on the documentation is totally worth it, even if you missed out on your graduation.

When Is a Fake GED Considered Fraud?

As mentioned earlier, it's totally legal to create, buy, and own a fake diploma. It is only considered fraud when someone lies and tried to pass it off as real—for example, submitting a fake diploma to a potential employer or college admission council. If you lie and say the diploma is official, you are breaking the law. 

The severity of punishment for fraud can vary depending on the charges and the intention of the individual. Usually submitting a fake diploma to a college isn't as severe as using one to get a job. However, both consequences could lead to long-term problems when trying to get a job in the future.

There are also companies who falsely claim to provide genuine diplomas and lie about the documentation they provide.

If you dropped out of high school, keep in mind you can only earn an official diploma by taking a test in your state and earning a "high school equivalency."

Why Get a Fake Diploma?

Everyone's story is different and their reasons for wanting a fake diploma can vary. Not everyone wants to use a fake diploma to lie and break the law.

Getting a fake diploma can be a simple confidence boost for someone who is insecure about their education level. They may want to hang it up in their home to show friends and family.

In some cases, a person might buy a fake diploma to simply replace a missing one. 

Lost or Missing

Typically, a lost diploma is replaced by the school upon request. However, sometimes when schools close down, their records go missing. This could mean a graduate never seeing their high school diploma again.

Purchasing a fake diploma as a replacement gives a person that comforting reminder of their past high school experience, something they won't be able to visit in real life ever again.

A fake diploma is completely harmless if it is meant as a sentimental reminder or a comforting sense of completion.

Just For Fun

Another reason to buy a GED online is to use it as a prop in a video. This could be a social media influencer who needs a prop. Maybe they are filming themselves for fun or to act in a scene. 

It might even be needed for an official movie scene. There's nothing wrong with pretending for a scene and wanting to make it as authentic as possible.

You might also want a replica diploma so you can have duplicate copies to display for your home and office.

To Test Legal Limits

Unfortunately, not everyone has a legal reason for buying a replica diploma. People without a high school degree can run into many obstacles throughout their lives. This could be in their career or being ridiculed by people they know.

Showing off your fake GED in a non-official capacity is completely legal. But it can start to blur the lines when some people get fed up. This is a dangerous game to play and could get a person into a lot of trouble with the law. 

It's best to go back and earn an official high school diploma by taking the test in your state, rather than risking it. Employers know how to verify your diploma, and getting fired isn't the worse offense to face if they find out you're lying.

What to Expect from a Fake GED

If you're interested in purchasing a fake printable GED certificate or a hard copy, then the process is simple. Personalized replica diplomas can be made for all levels of degrees. 

The degree can be created to imitate a variety of colleges and certifications. Even fake transcripts can be replicated from the high school to college level.

We retain the right to choose to deny the printing of certain diplomas if we believe they are being used incorrectly. We also do not print fake diplomas with any level of MD, JD, LLB, DDS, or any other degree that is in law, medical, nursing, or biotechnology.

This is essentially any diploma that would suggest someone could prescribe drugs or treat another person.

Grab Your Own Replica GED Certificate

There are many reasons why a person might choose to purchase a fake GED. Owning and purchasing a replica diploma won't get you in trouble with the law!

It's a simple way to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your name on an official-looking document. 

If you want to learn more about the quality replica diplomas we make, then check out our wide selection here!

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