How to Make a Fake High School Diploma

Are you wondering how to make a fake high school diploma look real? To create an authentic-looking diploma, you'll have to take a close look at the details. From the school's seal to signatures, you'll want to make these details as realistic as possible if you're looking for a fake diploma for display or replacement purposes.

However, if you haven't taken a look at your diploma or don't have access to the original at the moment, you may be wondering how to make a fake high school diploma look like the real deal. We'll go over why you may want a fake high school diploma. Plus, we'll explain in detail how a fake diploma is made, including all of the small features that indicate it's a well-made fake diploma. 

Why Might You Want a Fake High School Diploma?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want or need to get a fake diploma. Some of the most common reasons people purchase fake diplomas include

  • Display purposes
  • Replacement of original 
  • As a joke or gag gift
  • As a prop in a theater or film production

While all the reasons listed above are perfectly acceptable for fake diplomas, there are also instances when you should not use a fake diploma. It's important to only use fake diplomas in nonofficial capacities. It's illegal to fake credentials for official purposes, like applying to college. So, it's important not to misrepresent your academic achievements, as you may face serious consequences. 

What Goes Into Making a Fake High School Diploma?

For authentic-looking high school diplomas, you should consider all the small details that go into the production process. From the high-quality paper to the raised seal, there are details that you may not have considered. We'll go over how to make a fake high school diploma in more detail so that you can be assured that you're getting a well-made fake diploma.


Choosing the right kind of paper is one of the first steps in how to make a fake high school diploma. Real diplomas are printed on quality paper. It's important to choose a diploma-making company that uses the right kind of paper if you want a truly authentic feel. Real diplomas are typically printed on thick, high-quality paper. 


Many low-quality diploma makers don't offer specific colors and fonts. If you're looking for an authentic-looking replacement diploma, you'll want to find a company that can replicate your original diploma's colors and fonts. 


Most authentic diplomas use raised and embossed seals rather than just ink stamps. A high-quality diploma company will be sure to create an authentic-looking seal. A poorly executed seal is often one of the most conspicuous errors of a fake diploma. So, if you're purchasing a diploma for display or replacement purposes, you'll want to choose a company that uses raised and embossed seals. 


Students who go above and beyond the academic requirements might receive a special annotation indicating honors. If you're looking for a close match to your original, you'll need these distinctions. A lot of cheaply made and mass-produced fake diplomas don't allow for customizations. If your original diploma has honors on it, you'll need to consider whether the diploma company can add annotations. 


On all real diplomas, you'll find that there are authentic signatures from school officials. If you're looking for a diploma copy that you can display or show off, you'll probably want to have realistic signatures on your original diploma. However, if you're just looking for a prop or fake diploma that doesn't require signatures, you could opt for blank lines instead of in-house signatures.

What Makes a Diploma Replica Top Quality?

As you start to browse your diploma replacement options, you'll probably wonder what you should look for in a diploma-making company. The best ones will put effort into the graphics and materials during the production process so that you end up with a realistic-looking diploma. The finer details will be especially important if you plan on displaying it or showing it off as a copy of your original document. You'll want to opt for a company that allows for customization in areas like the seal, signatures, fonts, colors, and annotations. 

How Do You Get a Fake Diploma?

Getting a fake diploma is much simpler than you might think. When you go through the diploma replacement process through your university, you'll most likely encounter long wait times and other obstacles. It's also important to note that universities will not hand out extra copies of your diploma. It's a replacement-only situation for lost, damaged, or stolen documents. If you want to have extra copies of your diploma for display purposes or traveling, then you'll need to find a quality company that can make a realistic copy.

At Same Day Diplomas, ordering a customized high school diploma is quick and easy. Whether you're looking for an option that will fit your budget or you need extensive customization done, our company provides first-rate diploma options. There are a lot of options to fit your needs, including digital and hard copy choices. You'll also be able to choose your seal type and add authentic signatures to your diploma.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to buy a fake diploma. From generic props to realistic copies, the level of customization you need may vary. For the best-looking results, you should work with a company that provides different types of seals, graphics, and signature options. At Same Day Diplomas, you can feel confident that you are getting a realistic diploma at a fair price. We offer many different types of customizations. Plus, we take great care in the graphics and production process to provide you with a top-tier hard copy. Take a look at some of our samples to see our commitment to quality and authenticity.

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