How to Know if Your Replacement Degree or Transcript Looks Authentic

Did you recently purchase a degree or transcript for personal use? You might have bought it to hang on your office wall, display in a public space around your home, or just to keep for your personal records. You might not have bought one that looks truly authentic. Let’s take a look at some of the criteria that sets Same Day Diplomas apart from some of the other diploma makers out there.

The seal from your institution

Many colleges, universities, and high schools have a very specific type of seal. It might be a certain color, contain your university’s logo, and even have the institution’s founding year on it. It will often have a three-dimensional texture. 


Many other diploma makers out there will simply use a generic stamp as the seal when they go to print your replacement document. If you use Same Day Diplomas, we have a design team that will carefully craft your diploma or transcript so that it looks authentic. We will even accommodate designs that have multiple metallic elements. 


On many college diplomas and transcripts that are from other makers, the seal or other lettering may appear in the wrong place. At Same Day Diplomas, we are very careful to make sure that all aspects of the diploma, including the seal, are correctly placed. 

The correct size of paper 

Bachelor’s, some master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees are often printed on their own size of paper. For example, the Bachelor’s degree is most commonly 8-½” x 11”. The doctoral diploma is 11” x 14”. Many diploma makers have one standard size (letter) for the different diplomas that you can get printed. Same Day Diplomas will render you the correct diploma size, based upon your degree type and the institution where you purchased it from. 


The correct type of paper


Many diploma makers out there will print something off on regular paper or card stock. An official college or high school diploma will be printed on a heavier type of paper. Same Day Diplomas uses a heavier type of paper to make sure that the document looks and feels authentic. 

Authentic font 

If you use an online diploma maker, you are likely only going to be able to choose from a handful of fonts. These might not match your college, university, or high school’s font. Same Day Diplomas will carefully design your degree and transcript to make sure that you have fonts that are similar to that of your college or university. 

The actual courses that you took on your transcript

When you go to another diploma maker, they do not always give you the option to customize your list of courses. In fact, you may get a list of courses that had nothing to do with your college major. With Same Day Diplomas, you have the option of adding your courses or going with a list of stock courses that reflect your major (even if you don’t remember the actual classes that you took).

The option to include a diploma holder

Same Day Diplomas realizes that you want your replacement diploma to look authentic. You also want to protect your diploma when you publicly display it, while your original copy is in safekeeping. We have several different colors of diploma holders that will look very similar to the one that you received from your granting institution. 

Actual signatures

Some diploma makers only give you the option to add stock signatures. For some people, the signatures are the most important part of the diploma. They want to make sure that their diploma looks official, just like their original copy. When you select your document, you will be able to choose from stock signatures, or you can have us add signatures that were on your original diploma. 

Other benefits that come from working with Same Day Diplomas

When it comes to working with a diploma maker, we offer the best work in the industry. We don’t simply offer a print of a design that was created from an online template. We have an in-house design team that has created many of the seals and designs used on the diploma. They look at the font and make sure that the document looks 100% real and authentic. 


Your document is printed on heavier paper, making sure that your document looks 100% real. It will also last for many years and withstand the wear and tear that you put it through. Printed with state-of-the-art technology, your diploma will look just like it was issued from your institution. 

The choice in what you need 

If you are getting a document replaced by Same Day Diplomas, you will get plenty of choice in what you buy. First and foremost, we understand that you might not need a hard copy or might want to print your hard copy on your own. We can get you the electronic and print copy when you go to buy on the website.


We also give you the opportunity to preview your documents before we send them to you. This allows you to look them over and make sure that everything looks just right. We conveniently text you a link so that you can see the proof. You will also get a picture after your document is done before it is sent to you. 


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