How to Get a Replacement Diploma

You’ve been presented with an opportunity of a lifetime — maybe a job offer or admittance to higher education — and everything is going well until you can't find your degree or diploma. Where did you put it? Did you leave it at your parent's house? Did you lose it? 

There’s nothing more stressful than realizing you’ve lost a key document when you need it most. You need an immediate solution. The most common way people deal with a missing diploma is to head to their school's registrar, complete the necessary forms, and pay the requisition fee to have an official copy issued. However, due to the bureaucracy of the education system, you have to wait for days or even weeks for them to fulfill your request.

What if you don't have time to wait? Here's where we come into the picture. Read on to learn how Same Day Diplomas can help you in a pinch.

Why Do You Need a Degree or Diploma?

A diploma is a proof that you completed your secondary education, and your degree is proof that you completed an undergraduate program. Because of this, many doors of opportunities will open for you if you have a certified copy of your diploma or degree. Here are some scenarios when these pieces of paper can give you a serious edge:

Job Hunting

Many employers will demand you to have a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree when job hunting. Even if the job doesn’t require either, many companies prefer to hire applicants who have evidence of academic achievements.

If you're seeking a promotion or raise in your current job, a high school diploma ir a degree can also help you get ahead of your co-workers.

While some industries prefer a college degree, a high school diploma will suffice in some sectors. With enough job experience, a high school graduate can even land an entry-level managerial position.

College Applications

A high school diploma is a standard requirement to apply to most colleges and universities in the United States. While some colleges accept people who didn’t finish high school, they still require proof of completing an alternative learning curriculum, such as a GED. This alternative learning process equates to a high school diploma.

For those with undergraduate degrees who are seeking further education, you will need proof of your undergraduate degree to apply for the next step up.

Scholarship Grant

Some providers of scholarships or financial aid require their sponsees to complete a certain level of education, be it high school or an undergraduate degree. Oftentimes, these institutions grant sponsorship to students aiming to achieve higher education. These providers will want to see proof that you meet the requirements for their scholarship.

How to Obtain a Replacement Diploma

Whether you lost your original diploma or degree or you simply misplaced it, you can’t get caught without one in moments where it matters. You’ll need to order a new one.

The process of getting your diploma or degree replaced takes some time and some patience, but it’s doable. We’ve outlined steps you can follow to request and receive a replacement from your alma mater.

Contact Your School

Contacting your school is likely at the top of your mind when you decide to request a replacement diploma. The registrar will have all of the records during your time as a student. These records include your diploma or degree, your official transcript, and any other relevant academic documents.

However, document processing isn’t as simple as one might think. Oftentimes, when requesting a replacement degree, you need to complete several forms and wait until the registrar processes everything and releases your document.

There's a high chance that you're not the only alum that needs a replacement of their diploma, degree, or transcript, and registrars process requests in the order in which they’re received. This means that if there's a long queue of graduates requesting an official copy of their diploma or another academic record, yours will have to wait.

Legal Requirements When Requesting a Replacement Diploma

One of the critical legal requirements you need to meet when requesting a replacement diploma is your presence or your approval. According to the law, no other person or entity can request your credentials other than you. Because of this strict requirement, some academic institutions require their graduates to appear in person when requesting a replacement diploma. If you're not available to appear before the registrar, they may need additional documents to verify your identity and relationship with the requestor. This extra step is critical, since this prevents cases of identity theft or other malicious activities that might harm your and your school’s reputation.

Aside from these strict legal requirements, you also need to submit other essential documents when requesting a replacement diploma. These include an application form, payment for the processing fee, and occasionally a copy of your alumni ID. After completing all of these steps and meeting all of their requirements, all you have to do is wait for the registrar to process your request.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Replacement?

Requesting a replacement diploma is a lengthy process. The registrar can’t give your diploma to you off the bat or even overnight; often, it might take a few days or even a few weeks for the registrar to complete your request, depending on how many requests the office is handling. If you need your document ASAP, you must clear this with your school's registrar to set realistic expectations for when you can obtain your diploma. Some institutions accept an "urgency payment” to prioritize your document processing and fulfill your request as soon as possible; you can always ask whether this is an option.

Consider an Alternative

If waiting isn’t an option and your alma mater doesn’t accept urgency payments, you may want to open yourself to alternatives. One of the alternative options you can consider is to seek a copy of your diploma or degree from a third party. There are cases when an employer you're applying to work for only needs to see the physical diploma, but not necessarily the original copy. If this is the case, then a copy of your diploma will work fine. Plus, when working with a high-quality third party, the copies look and feel natural; this means you can still use your copy in a professional setting.

Same Day Diplomas Can Help You

Not everyone can afford the luxury of waiting. To some people, missing the deadline to submit their requirements means losing an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. This is where we come in.

Same Day Diplomas is the fastest and most reliable provider of replacement diplomas, degrees, and transcripts on the market. We offer a wide array of printing services to help you get your hands on your documents as soon as possible.

Check our collection of diplomas and transcripts. When you find what you’re looking for, contact Same Day Diplomas now for honest price matching and a speed that can’t be beat.


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