How Long Does It Take To Get a GED?

In this competitive world, the majority of employers hesitate to hire those who don’t have a high school diploma or a GED (General Equivalency Diploma). A diploma or a GED transcript serves as proof that a candidate has sufficient basic knowledge about important subjects, like mathematics and the sciences. Thus, in order to have an edge when searching for a job, it’s crucial to have either of the documents. 

Furthermore, having a GED may improve one’s salary. This is supported by the study conducted by the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics); there’s a $5,700 annual difference in the earnings between non-graduates and those who have a high school diploma or a GED. So, by sacrificing a couple of months to study for a GED, a candidate can significantly bump up their annual income. 

How Long It Takes to Get a GED Transcript

Given the importance of a GED, one might wonder how long it takes to get one. On average, it takes around three months to successfully pass the GED exam. But, a well-prepared candidate will receive their GED transcript in less than three months. 

However, if someone who already passed the exam loses their transcript/diploma, it may take a couple of weeks to receive a copy, which can be a problem if he/she wants to apply for a job opening right away. 

Fortunately, some online service providers, like Same Day Diplomas, will allow job hunters to receive a copy of their GED diploma or transcript within the same day. This is perfect for those who want to have an extra copy or a digital file of their GED diploma.

Helpful Tips About the GED

Now that the importance of a GED diploma/transcript is laid out, as well as the time it takes to get one, it’s now time to talk about some helpful tips regarding the GED. These tips will help a candidate ace the exams, improving their status in the job market. 

Study Tips for the GED Exam

Unless a student is really confident about their stock-knowledge, he/she must study for the actual GED exam. Here are some study tips to consider from the get-go. 

Study Smart

Studying smart doesn’t imply memorizing every answer to possible questions. Instead, one way to study smart is to understand what’s contained in each of the GED exams. 

The GED is compartmentalized into four exam topics. For a student to pass with flying colors, he or she must be well-prepared for every topic. For reference, here are the topics in the actual GED exam: 

  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Reasoning through language arts

With that said, a student can allocate more time studying a topic that they’re having difficulties handling. This way, they can supplement any gaps in their knowledge about a particular topic in advance, boosting their chances of passing the test. 

Know Different Study Styles

Each individual has their own way of learning. Hence, to increase the chances of passing, one must learn their respective learning style. 

Here are the different types of learners: 

  • Visual learner: This type of learner absorbs material well via drawing pictures and/or taking notes. 
  • Auditory learner: Students who usually find themselves learning best when listening to a podcast, using an audio recorder, or reading the contents out loud are classified as auditory learners. 
  • Kinesthetic learner: This type of learner learns by doing it. For instance, when understanding dimensions, they utilize 3D models.

Prepping for the GED

Studying for the GED exam isn’t the only way to ensure a GED transcript. But, preparing for the GED also implies changing one’s routine weeks or days before the actual exam. 

Here are ways to prepare for the GED test.

Have Good Quality Sleep

Even if anxiety strikes, it’s not recommended to pull an all-nighter studying before the exam. Doing so will only result in exhaustion and the inability to focus the next morning.

As an alternative, it’s best to have a light review and go to bed early. Getting plenty of rest will promote energy the next day, allowing an exam-taker to keep their test cool and collected.

Pack Necessary Items Early

To ensure nothing essential gets left behind, everything should be packed and ready the night before the test. Here are some important items to bring: 

  • Snacks
  • Hand-held calculator
  • Government-issued IDs

Actual Advice for Taking the GED Exam

Come exam day, a student must note that they're already well-prepared to pass the GED test, especially if the tips mentioned above are kept in mind. To boost one’s confidence, here are some valuable tips to follow during the actual exam. 

Read, Listen, and Follow All Directions Before and During the Test

The examiner’s instructions before the exam will inform an exam-taker everything they need to know about answering the questions properly. Meanwhile, when taking the exam, make sure to read and understand the instructions. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade.

Mark Answers Legibly

A correct answer can only be counted if it’s clearly selected. 

Be Confident

Most of the time, the first answer that pops into mind is the right one. Also, since the test is time-sensitive, make sure to not allocate a lot of time to changing answers. However, there’s still the option to change answers, provided that the new answer is the right one and there’s plenty of time left.

Where To Go for Help While Studying

Some learners may find it difficult to study alone or understand a particular topic. Thankfully, you can utilize these sources to help you study.

Online Classes

Free online GED classes are great for someone who has difficulty learning in a traditional classroom setting. It’s also perfect for those who have a tight schedule; they can freely choose a suitable schedule that can fit their time.

Practice Questions

Regularly taking practice questions will help students learn as well as help them to be aware of the time. Also, practice questions will help students to know what they’re lacking, allowing them to focus on reviewing that particular topic. 

Good Luck!

With some helpful tips laid out, all that’s left for you to do is to take the actual GED exam! Sooner or later, you’ll definitely get a GED transcript! Good luck!


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