Hottest Jobs in 2022 and the Degrees They Require

Are you planning on getting a college degree but don’t know what to study? You probably wonder what the job market will look like when you graduate. The job market is constantly evolving, and in 2022, certain careers will be high in demand. 

We researched and narrowed down a list of the hottest jobs in 2022 and what you need to study to land one of these positions. Plus, we included the college perks you can expect with each job.

Top Sought-after Jobs in 2022 and the Degree You Need

Here are the top 5 jobs in 2022 that you will want to consider and the degree and major necessary to get hired:

1. Data Scientist

This is a fast-growing field with many opportunities for advancement. As a data scientist, you will be responsible for analyzing data to help a company make better business decisions. A bachelor’s degree in computers is needed to pursue a career in data science, although a master’s degree is often preferred.

Perks of this job include:

  • High pay
  • Many positions available
  • Exciting tasks

2. Robotics Engineer

The world has become digitized and automated, requiring robotic engineers who can design and oversee the construction of robots. According to Indeed, a job search website, the average salary of a robotics engineer in the United States per year is $90,206. This is much more than the annual wage of a median accountant in the country in 2020 at $73,560. 

To be competitive, you need a degree in robotics engineering. But many employers consider applicants with a degree in mechanical, electrical, software, or computer science engineering. 

What’s important is you have a deep understanding of the following fields:

  • Material science and engineering science
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Fundamental engineering
  • Automation principles
  • Process control

3. Customer Marketing Manager

Customer marketing managers are in charge of retaining customers and increasing customer loyalty. This can be done by developing marketing campaigns, creating customer service plans, and executing promotional events. A degree in business administration is required to pursue this career. However, many employers prefer applicants with a degree in marketing.

Customer marketing managers can expect the following perks:

  • Good pay
  • Room for advancement
  • Exciting work

4. Analyst Relations Specialist

Analyst relations specialists are responsible for developing positive relationships with analysts who cover their company. They do this by providing them with information, attending analyst events, and networking with analysts. A college degree in business or communications is necessary for this career.

Employers prefer applicants with a degree in public relations, marketing, business administration, or journalism. An analyst relations specialist can earn $53,500-$147,000, and the perks include:

  • Good pay
  • No boring tasks
  • An abundance of vacant positions

Are You Ready for 2022?

The job market continually changes, so you must stay ahead of the curve. Getting a college degree in one of these high-in-demand fields is the best way to do this. You know you will be more likely to get hired and can expect good pay and exciting work.

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