Getting a Copy of Your Degree and Transcripts During the Summer

When you’re about to enter a new phase in your life, and you are being bombarded with requirements, everything will seem so overwhelming. Graduation is a great milestone that everyone should be proud of. Despite the demands that come after this big and special event — searching for jobs, receiving transcripts, etc. — graduating must be celebrated. Besides, receiving your transcript shouldn’t be so hard.

There are companies that offer an unofficial copy of academic requirements — like a replacement transcript or diploma — in case of emergencies. Both high school and college grads can benefit from these services. Nonetheless, if you’re still one of the current college students who need a copy of your diploma and transcripts over the summer, there are other instances when you might need to expedite your access to these documents. 

A Last-minute Internship

Congratulations! You got a last-minute internship. However, the only way for your employer to check your credentials is through your transcript or a copy of your diploma. Since this is a critical career step, you have to do everything in your power to secure at least a copy. This is the first step to landing a real job and entering adult life. 

Moreover, since most companies are quite strict about the hiring process that goes into internships, securing a copy of academic documents ahead of time is a must. There are many ways to do this — one of which is contacting companies like Same Day Diplomas. If your university does not offer expedited printing of transcripts or diplomas, contacting businesses that offer unofficial copies could be your best bet. 

A Last-minute Summer Job

Landing summer jobs is an unforgettable and worthwhile experience that also requires certain documents. Some companies only require a resume or perhaps a curriculum vitae (CV). However, if you’re eyeing a job that matches the field you’re studying for, these companies might require a diploma or a copy of your school records. 

If this is the case, then you might need to contact your registrar for an early order of your transcript or diploma. Again, some schools permit expedited delivery of documents, while some do not.

An Interview For a Summer Program

If you’ve applied for a summer program and received an invitation for an interview, the recruiting team might require you to bring your transcripts or diploma. They’ll need this to examine your credentials and see if you’re a good fit for the program. They will schedule the interview based on their availability, so what do you do if they schedule the interview last minute when you’re still devoid of requirements? 

It’s good to get an unofficial copy first and ask the recruiting team whether that will do at the moment. A summer program is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss because it will equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need for the profession you’re about to pursue. 

Graduate School Interview

People enroll in graduate schools to advance themselves professionally. It makes sense for the interviewers and registrars of a particular institution to require a diploma and transcript of records. Before you enroll in graduate school, research about the institution first and list the requirements you need to meet. They will also require you to take a qualifying exam, so be prepared. 

The best way to get a copy of your degree transcripts and diploma is to contact your registrar. In case anything goes wrong, you can always get an unofficial copy of a replacement diploma from reliable companies. Make sure to ask the institution first if they allow an unofficial copy first because some may not.

Why Do They Need My Transcripts and Diplomas?

Transcripts describe in detail how well you did in your previous courses and subjects. Institutions require this document upon registration or enrolment. Diplomas, on the other hand, serve as proof that you’re ready to take on a higher field of education or that you’re efficient in a particular field of study.

In a nutshell, all of these documents prove your proficiency in various subject matters. Transcripts may include the following details (also depending on the institution):

Information About the Student

Transcripts may include the full name of the student, the student identification number, and birth date. They hold all of the relevant information your future employer may need before they invite you for an interview. 

Average Grade

Transcripts also contain the student’s grade point average (GPA). This is the average total of your grades for each semester, trimester, and school year. The rundown makes it easier for the company to view your grades. 

Majors and Courses

Your transcripts will include the classes and courses you’ve taken for your major, as well as your corresponding grades for each. Dates will also be included, as well as the number of units you took. 

Schools Attended

A transcript will also include the schools you’ve attended for certain years, including information about your transfer. The credits taken will also be included in the document. 

Official Documentation

Your official transcript may contain a signature, a seal, and other formalities that prove the document came from the registrar and was signed by the dean. 

These are the details your future employer or institution will be looking for in your transcript. You can always get an unofficial transcript ahead of time for reference. Make sure to tell your interviewer ahead of time that you only managed to secure an unofficial copy, as it’s your university’s responsibility to produce an official one. 

Official vs Unofficial Transcript

An official transcript contains the seal of the institution you were enrolled in, including degree and coursework information. This usually comes from the school itself — particularly the school registrar. The processing of official transcripts may take longer than unofficial ones. 

On the other hand, an unofficial transcript is an online copy with a list of grades and credits. There is no seal, signature, or complete information. Most people resort to contacting companies like Same Day Diplomas in lieu of the official copy or while waiting for it.

How To Get a Copy of Your Transcript

The easiest way to gain access to a copy of your transcript is by logging into your student account. You can print out your history in PDF form. While this is an unofficial copy, some employers and interviewers might consider them. This will also be helpful in determining your GPA or assessing your transcript for prerequisites. It will only serve as a reference for when you’re about to be interviewed or for enrollment purposes. 

Another way to get a copy of your transcript — an official one — is to contact the registrar. You can check your university’s website to see whether they have an online form for document requests. If there’s none, you may also call them or visit them in person. However, this may take several weeks. Sometimes, it could take months. If you’re in a rush, then this is not a good plan. 

If your school offers, you may pay a transcript rush fee to expedite the processing of your transcripts. However, this does not apply to all institutions. Some do not offer a rushing fee for those who need their documents urgently. 

If that’s the case, your best bet is to contact Same Day Diplomas to acquire an unofficial replacement copy of your academic documents. We offer different fonts, layouts, signature positions, and wording. All of these depend on the customer’s needs. At an affordable price, you can get documents made of high-quality materials and fast print processing. 

Moreover, we promote environmental awareness by being carbon-neutral. Get custom designs that look professional and realistic. You can either request custom quotes or samples. 

Move On With Flying Colors

Whether you’re waiting to be interviewed or about to be hired by a new company, the only way to succeed in your new endeavor is to come prepared. Prepare your documents ahead of time. If possible, make a checklist of the things you need to prepare for before summer or even before graduation. It wouldn’t hurt to be extra prepared before the date. Congratulations on your new journey!


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