Choosing the Right Diploma Cover

That diploma cover that you get at graduation looks fancy. It has the colors of your university, its official seal, and some institutions will even provide you with a diploma cover that includes your name. Many people don't realize, however, that this diploma cover is merely a prop. If you actually got your degree on the same day as commencement, the diploma cover would make a suitable holder for your diploma on the way home, but you should try and get a custom diploma cover for your degree as soon as it comes in the mail.

The real problem with the diploma cover is that your diploma will start to fade. Another problem that happens is that the acetate dust protector on your diploma will actually start sticking to the diploma cover. If you want a fancy, official looking diploma cover that is great for presenting your diploma, you should take a look at Same Day Diploma's custom diploma covers.

What are the perks of choosing a custom diploma cover from Same Day Diplomas? 

First and foremost, when you order a diploma cover from Same Day Diplomas, they are hardback. This gives the diploma cover a sturdy feel and look. The hardback, leatherette material lets you prop it up on your desk, on a shelf, or another place where you want to display your diploma. Additionally, you can customize the diploma holder with an array of colors (red, black, navy, green, and maroon) and with text and a logo of your choice.

One added benefit of getting a custom diploma cover from Same Day Diplomas is that you can also get an A4 folio size for your diploma cover. Not every American institution offers an A4 diploma size, but some Canadian and British institutions use this as a standard degree size.

What size diploma holder will you need? 

Believe it or not, not every diploma is the same size. In many situations, graduate degree institutions often have larger masters and doctoral diplomas, symbolizing the prestige of the degree. At Same Day Diplomas, we have a diploma cover for virtually every size of diploma.

  • Bachelor's and Associate's Degrees: These will almost always be 8.5" x 11" 
  • Master's and Doctoral Degrees: Most master's and associate's degrees are 8.5" and 11". However, some institutions will have a PhD diploma that is 11" x 14." Harvard undergraduate diplomas take an 11" x 14" cover. 
  • Professional Degrees, like an MBA, JD, MD, PharmD, or PsyD are often larger and will be sized 11" x 14"
  • High School Diplomas: tend to be 8" x 6" at most schools.
    • While A4 diplomas are not common, they are commonly found in non-American colleges and universities. 

    What can damage your diploma if you don't have a diploma cover?

    Back in the days where acid-free paper wasn't a thing, the most common type of damage to a diploma was yellowing, due to aging. Today, most diplomas are damaged by improper storage. For example, if you store your diploma in a filing folder waiting for your diploma cover, the paper will eventually bend over the time and end up with the curved shape of the file folder. 

    Another common way diplomas get damaged is with mildew. If your diploma is stored in an area with high humidity, you will likely experience mildew on your diploma after a period of time. A custom diploma cover allows you to display your diploma in an environment where the humidity is controlled.

    Diploma covers will protect your investment from folds, creases, and cracked edges. If you pick up your diploma to talk about your accomplishments with a friend, you risk damaging the edges. A diploma cover is a great way to handle your diploma without actually physically touching your diploma.

    Making your diploma cover unique

    If you get your standard diploma holder at graduation, you will notice that it lacks customization. The only thing usually included is the name of the school and the school's seal. Your custom diploma cover from Same Day Diplomas will have a few more customizable options. For example, if you want, you can add the student's name and graduation year to the diploma cover. For people who do a winter graduation, this can make the degree a little bit more personable. 

    Some people might not like the colors of the diploma cover they receive from their college or university. A custom diploma cover from Same Day Diplomas can be navy, black, red, green, or maroon. 

    Protecting Your Investment

    The most important reason that people get custom diploma covers is that they want to protect their investment. However, there are some added benefits of having a custom diploma cover:

    • You can show off your diploma in your office when you get your first job.
    • You can place your diploma on a shelf or table in your home where you showcase your accomplishments.
    • You can select a color that looks great wherever you display your diploma.

    Your custom diploma cover will also make it so that your diploma does not get lost or damaged. Instead of locking your diploma in a filing cabinet or a scrapbook, you can display it. Also, the thick material will make it stand out if you ever have to put your diploma in storage. 

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