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There are many reasons why someone might want a novelty, fake diploma replica from a prestigious university. Whether you're looking for a realistic prop for a film or you want to use it as motivation to one day complete the real thing, a diploma replica should look authentic. 

For those looking to buy a realistic diploma replica from a top university, you'll have to consider some other aspects of the degree, such as the major. There are tons of popular majors available at all top US universities. If you're not sure what university and major you're interested in putting on the diploma, we'll go over some of the most popular options. We'll also go over how to buy a degree from a real university in the USA so that you can get an authentic-looking diploma for whatever personal purpose you have in mind.

Why Might You Want to Buy a US Degree From a Real College?

Why should you buy a degree from a real university in the USA? After all, it's not the real deal. You didn't actually earn a degree from a particular university when you bought it online. What's the point?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to purchase a degree from a real American university online. For example, you may want to use the document as a prop in a film, play, or another type of performance. In this particular instance, you might need to be as specific as possible on the diploma for the sake of the character. 

Another reason may be that you want to motivate yourself or a loved one to make it through high school. During tough preparatory coursework, it can help to have some visual motivation toward academic goals. A replica diploma from top-tier universities, like Brown or Columbia, might help you to stay focused on your school work. 

Which Universities Are Available?

If you want to buy a degree from a real university in the USA, we offer to print a degree from any school you want. If you're interested in motivating yourself or another person in your life to achieve great academic success, you might want to consider an Ivy League university. 

Some of the best universities in the country are Ivy League and include Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University. 

You may also want to consider state schools or regional colleges as well. For a lot of film productions, you may choose highly populated campuses, like Arizona State University, Ohio University, or the University of Florida. 

What Majors Are Most Popular in College?

It's unlikely that a major will be directly indicated on an authentic university diploma for bachelor's degrees. You will, however, have a distinct degree category that indicates the type of major you studied. On your degree, it will likely be one of the following

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

There are a lot of majors that fall under the umbrella of Bachelor of Arts degrees. For this type of degree, you'll find majors that specialize in the humanities subjects. Popular majors include history, English literature, philosophy, political science, music, and many more. With this type of degree, your coursework will focus on research, critical thinking, and engagement with others and the world around you. 

If you're more interested in coursework that deals with science and math subjects, you'll want to consider the Bachelor of Science degree. With this type of degree, you'll focus on highly specialized subjects. Common majors for this type of degree include biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and environmental science. These types of majors will prepare you for a career in research, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. 

A bachelor of fine arts degree is awarded to students who complete studies in creative majors like theatre, creative writing, dance, film, and other performing arts. There are some creative majors that can also be accomplished as a BFA instead of a BA. For instance, majoring in a subject like art (for a BA) will focus more on thinking critically about the subject and less on practical application. 

How Do You Buy A Real US Degree?

If you're looking to buy a degree from a real university in the USA, the process is easy, simple, and quick. However, you'll need to think carefully about what you want the diploma to represent. Maybe you want the diploma to represent a degree spent in the science lab, in which case, you'll want the degree to say Bachelor of Science on it. Or, maybe you want to motivate yourself to achieve great academic success, so you want to replicate a specific school's diploma. 

Either way, you should consider a company that can handle these specifications. Whether you're looking for a diploma for practical purposes or personal reasons, buying from a company that is able to handle the small details will make the diploma look realistic. At Same Day Diploma, the process of buying a fake degree is fast and uncomplicated. You'll be able to indicate any special requests you have and our in-house graphics team will handle them.

There are many reasons that you may want to buy a diploma from a real university. Whatever your reason may be, you need to consider what school and academic discipline you want to be conveyed on the diploma. For any major in the humanities, you'll want to opt for a Bachelor of Arts degree. If you want the diploma to be science-based, then you should go with a Bachelor of Science. For any creative major, you'll want to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. At Same Day Diploma, we can add specifications in degrees for the university of your choice.

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