7 Ways to Celebrate Graduation from College

Did you know that 1.98 million graduates earn a bachelor's degree in a year? 820,100 college graduates earn a master's degree. 

Are you a recent graduate looking for a way to celebrate graduation while staying safe? This guide has some great ideas to help you have fun with friends and family while making sure you're following all safety protocols. 

Keep reading to learn more and get inspired to host your upcoming graduation celebration. 

1. Host a Drive-by Celebration 

If you'll be graduating from college soon you might feel a little bummed about not being able to have a party with everyone you know. This huge milestone deserves to be celebrated in a big way but you want to make sure you're keeping everyone safe. 

One way to do this is by hosting a drive-by celebration. You and your graduating friends can sit outside in the driveway, practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Friends and family can drive by with signs and streamers while honking their horns. 

This is a great way to see all of your friends and family and feel like you're celebrating this incredible milestone together. 

2. Do a Photoshoot

Putting together a photoshoot is one way to enjoy the festivities of graduation even if you won't get a chance to walk the stage. Choose a few different locations on and off-campus for the photoshoot.

Ask a few friends to do the photoshoot with you to make it more fun. Come prepared with your hair and makeup done. Make sure you bring your cap and gown too.

Take a few photos with your diploma in hand. If you don't want to bring out the official diploma you can always order a replica for the photos. Check out the Same Day Diplomas website to order your copy today. 

3. Have a Zoom Graduation Party

The next best thing to going to your graduation is celebrating it virtually. You can have fellow graduates join you on a Zoom call as you reminisce on your college experiences.  

Your family can also host virtual graduation. Decorating the house and finding a stage for you to walk across can be a lot of fun. Your family members who were looking forward to attending your graduation can still see you receive your diploma. 

Even though you'll be in your living room, make sure you're wearing all your graduation gear so you can move your tassel and toss your cap into the air like you always planned to. 

4. Create a Beautiful Scrapbook

While it won't be the same as graduating alongside hundreds of graduates in your school's stadium, you can still find ways to celebrate this milestone in your life. Consider putting together a collage of photos or a scrapbook of your college experience. 

This can be a great present for one of your friends who's also graduating. You'll have a blast going through the memories of homecomings, speeches, and other events you participated in as a college student. 

If you were part of a sorority or fraternity you'll have more highlights to add to your scrapbook. This college graduation gift is a wonderful way to celebrate other grads in your life. 

5. Have a Family Dinner at Home 

It's important to celebrate your accomplishments, especially one as big as college graduation. Celebrating an achievement like this can help you thank all those that helped you reach your goals along the way. It can also motivate you to push even further as you take on the next chapter in your life. 

You can plan a dinner with your family to celebrate graduating and you can be the guest of honor. Adding fun decor will make the evening more exciting. You can ask each family member to bring one of your favorite dishes too.  

6. Decorate Your Yard 

Putting up a few yard signs can be a fun way to wish all fellow graduates a big congratulations on their achievement. This is a great way to show how proud you are of your accomplishments and the accomplishments of all your friends. 

There are many online websites to order graduation yard signs from. You can choose a generic congratulations with a few graduation emojis if you'd like. You can also get your sign personalized with student and school names if you want. 

If you're a graduating student's family member, ordering a yard sign and putting it up before they arrive at home is a wonderful way to surprise them. 

7. Create a Graduation Video 

Use all the tech skills you learned in college to put together a graduation video celebrating all of your classmates. Have family members and friends submit short clips of themselves speaking about the graduate in their life and expressing how proud they feel. 

You can also create a compilation video of moments you shared with classmates throughout the years. All the clips of late-night study sessions that turned into parties will make you laugh and remember the good times you had. 

Tips to Help You Celebrate Graduation and Have Fun 

Finding ways to celebrate graduation during a pandemic seems impossible but there's always a way to come together for such a big moment in your life. 

Hosting a drive-by outdoor party for graduates is one way to enjoy each other's company while keeping everyone's health safe. Celebrating with fellow graduates and family virtually is another option. 

You can still walk the stage at home with your diploma in hand. Contact us at Same Day Diplomas if you have questions about our products. We'll be happy to help you find what you're looking for to make your celebration a success. 

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