6 Diploma Display Ideas to Showcase Your Hard Work

If you're reading this, odds are good that you made the most common error that most people make after graduation: you convinced yourself that you were going to keep your diploma safe by storing it in the envelope it came in. Now years have gone by, you've peeked inside of the envelope and... oops

The most expensive piece of paper you own is now turning yellow and disintegrating. It's the result of the acid in the shipping materials eating away at that delicate diploma paper over time. Now what?

You could have prevented this entire situation with a diploma display! Now that you've ordered your new diploma from Same Day Diplomas, why not do it right this time? Displaying your diploma is the most attractive and efficient way to keep it safe for the long haul. 

We've curated a collection of six of our favorite diploma display ideas, which work for your college diploma or your fake diploma. Either way, keep reading — we promise we won't tell! 

1. Classic Wall Frame

The easiest and most classic way to display your diploma is by framing it! This will keep your diploma safe because of the materials used for mounting. They are archival-quality, which means they aren't loaded with the corrosive chemicals that ate holes in your precious diploma the first time around!

Once your diploma is under glass, it'll be safe from almost anything that could damage it. The one thing you will want to be aware of is exposure to too much light. While it will look nice in a sunny spot at first, the light might damage the delicate paper over time. 

Consider hanging your framed diploma over your desk, on a wall at the office, or somewhere in your parents' house. They make great wall decor in "academic" spaces near bookshelves or home offices, too. 

2. A Shelf of Achievement 

If you don't want to hang your framed diploma, why not give it a shelf of honor? Take your framed diploma and lean it up against the wall on a dedicated shelf in your home. You can use the rest of the shelf space to display trinkets and artifacts from your college days, such as trophies, medals, framed photos, or even your grad cap! 

This is a tidy way to keep all your college or high school keepsakes in one place. Plus, you'll always know where your diploma is! If you need to produce it when accepting a new job, you can put it right back in place when it's time to reminisce with all your friends from school. 

3. Right on Your Desk

Sure, you could hang your diploma on the wall above your desk — but why not use the desk itself? If you work in an office or professional environment, you probably already use a nice desk as a workspace. If you get a glass desk topper, you can use the entire surface of your desktop as a place to display all your certificates and certifications

We love the idea of decorating the top of your desk with a variety of photos of important moments, too. Why not display a picture of you in your cap and gown right next to the diploma under the glass? It's a great way to take advantage of prime office real estate while keeping the diploma safe and on display!

4. Inside a Shadowbox of Souvenirs

Graduation involves a lot of stuff — not just your diploma, but tassels and honors cords and special hats and affiliation pins. It's so easy to lose these tiny, precious things once you've packed everything up and moved off-campus. They all have meaning, but separately, they're all small and insignificant. 

You can solve two problems at once when you display your diploma in a shadow box along with all of those small but important objects! Place your diploma as the backdrop and centerpiece, and include the significant extras as three-dimensional mementos. When they're all displayed together, they become more than the sum of their parts, almost like a museum display of that significant time in your life!

5. Part of a Timeline

How many diplomas have you earned in your lifetime? If you have meticulous parents or relatives, you might still have most of them! Why not display all of your academic accomplishments in sequential order, like a timeline of achievement?

You can start with your tiny, construction paper preschool diploma on the far left and continue to add more impressive achievements as you move to the right. You will be able to take a literal walk down memory lane as you notice how far you have come! These timelines are even more fun if you include a small photo of each graduation nearby so you can watch yourself grow over time!

6. Included in a Gallery Wall

One of the most contemporary trends in home decor is the gallery wall. In essence, a gallery wall allows you to display several unique, often framed objects in a sort of aesthetic wall collage. You might include art prints, interesting macrame, a few photos... and why not your diploma? 

A good gallery wall includes an attractive but eclectic combination of items. Your guests will love playing "I Spy" as they browse the wall and search for meaning. It's a great way to hide your diploma in plain sight, like an interior design humble brag! 

Keep Fading at Bay With a Diploma Display

Whether you're displaying your original high school diploma or your fifth replacement, you worked hard to earn that piece of paper! Creating an attractive diploma display is a way to celebrate all the work that went into that degree. It's never too late to put your diploma in a place of honor and show the world what you have accomplished! 

You can design a dynamic display even if you have misplaced or damaged your diploma. Visit Same Day Diplomas to order a fake college diploma that passes easily for the real thing. 


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