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Over the years, we may lose the copy of our college degree. Sometimes, these get lost in accidents, when we move, in natural disasters, or if they are stolen. Same Day Diplomas gives you the option of getting a fake college degree, whether as a replacement personal copy or for personal use. We offer associate's, bachelor's, and graduate college degrees.

Fake Associate's Degree

Do you need a replacement copy of your two-year degree? If you attended a two-year community college or a vocational/trade school, you are in the right place. We can get you a copy of your associate's degree for your personal use or for novelty purposes. We can get degrees made accurately for most two-year colleges or vocational/trade schools. Order your fake associate's degree from Same Day DIplomas. 

Fake Bachelor's Degree

Are you looking for a fake bachelor's degree? Same Day Diplomas can get you a copy of a B.S., B.A. or other type of bachelor's degree. You will find that your copy from us includes realistic fonts, authentic raised seals, and is printed on high-quality paper. You can get your degree in either digital or printed format. We can match any major, and can even provide you with stock signatures if you don't remember who signed your official copy. If you graduated with certain honors, you can let us know and we'll add those, too. We can match any paper size, too. This is great if you attended college abroad. 

Fake PhD Degree

If you need a fake PhD degree, Same Day Diplomas has got you covered. We can help you with a replacement copy, which is intended for personal or novelty use. We get the size, colors, fonts, and seals just right. We can even do certain types of professional diplomas, such as a Doctorate of Musical Arts. Whether your PhD is in writing or literature, we can get you a product to replace what you lost.